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Sydney – Thick & Creamy

I really don’t know who had the idea for this “Brokeback” yogurt ad. Needless to say, the Aussie sense of humor must be pretty good if you can post an ad like this on a billboard.

"Brokeback Mountain" yogurt ad in Australia - Thick & Creamy

I continued June 7th in the Botanical Gardens, which has fantastic flora and curious fauna (and I don’t mean this aphid – more on strange park animals tomorrow).

A rose in the Sydney Botanical Gardens

From there I continued around to Mrs. Macquarie’s Point, where one can take great pictures of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the world-renowned Opera House with its beautiful “sails.”

Sydney Opera House from Mrs. Macquarie's Point

I’ll also have shots of the bridge tomorrow, perhaps at night… mu-hahaha.

Another fantastic and much-overlooked attraction in Sydney is the Chinese Garden. This was built in cooperation with a Chinese sister city (which one, I can’t remember).

Dragons in the Sydney Chinese Garden

Admission is only $6, making the Chinese Garden perhaps the cheapest activity in all of Sydney, besides throwing a penny in the talking-dog fountain by the Queen Victoria Building. (Wait… they’ve eliminated the penny… smart Aussies! Let’s make it 5c.)

Tomorrow: strange animals and a few nighttime pictures! Sign up with the orange RSS or Email buttons in the left sidebar to read more.

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