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Surfing with the Paparazzi

My last day in Sydney was June 11th, and I only had half the day before heading to the airport for my flight. I decided to check out the world-famous Bondi Beach, renowned for its surfing.

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

The waves weren’t massive, but they were big enough for a few of the better guys to get some serious air!

Surfer at Bondi Beach

While I was snapping away I met a fellow photographer who was taking some pics of the surfers. Turns out he was a paparazzi, and was shooting the surfers as “cover,” because Ewan MacGregor was in town. The guy thought Ewan might come to Bondi Icebergs club for lunch. Hah!

Surfer at Bondi Beach

This hard left turn into the oncoming face of the wave was a big favorite. Maybe a surfer can enlighten me on what that’s called, if there’s a fancy name for the trick?

Surfer trick at Bondi Beach

You can see “WTF!?” quite clearly in the body language of the older guy in the bottom half of the shot. “Don’t run me over, dude!”

Surfer trick at Bondi Beach

Sometimes you eat the wave, and sometimes the wave eats you.

Surfer wipeout at Bondi Beach

One last carve across the top of a breaking wave…

Surfer trick at Bondi Beach

And I’m out! Tomorrow, it’s back to New Zealand, where the first stop is Waitomo Caves to check out the glowworms. Has anyone ever seen one?

Bondi Beach, Australia with CPL

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