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Leaving Tambopata – For Now

I’m not a sentimental one, especially when on holidays. But I felt a special connection with the wildlife and the people at Explorer’s Inn, so I was a bit disappointed to leave after just two days (May 16th). I even slept like a baby on the second night there, despite the jungle noises & howler monkeys.

Leaving Puerto Maldonado

I have a feeling that I’ll be back to Explorer’s Inn sooner rather than later. And there will definitely be a few more articles coming up about the Tambopata Reserve.

The rest of the day was travel: boat, bus, two plane flights, and a taxi ride. In Miraflores I discovered that a lot of restaurants are closed Sundays. Dying of hunger after walking for hours, I tried a tasty local dessert, the turron – a crumbly almost-crunchy cake filled with some kind of fruit jam.

Turrones in Lima

Afterward I found a restaurant that was supposedly Arabic, and tried out an interesting dish:

Arabic fare in Miraflores - Chorizo and Salsa with Hummus?

The hummus was good, along with the chorizo and salsa, though the latter were definitely not authentic Arabic fare. Cusqueno Malto (a dark beer) is fantastic!

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing the “weird sexual imagery in foreign countries” theme. Stay tuned.

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  1. So etxiced I found this article as it made things much quicker!

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