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Fancy Schmancy Beef

Everyone’s heard of Kobe beef. There are other similar varieties like Wagyu as well, which I think are more readily found in Tokyo. I didn’t go to a restaurant and drop $150 on a steak meal, but on this rainy June 23rd I did try a bit of it in a department store. Vegetarians: you may want to skip the next few paragraphs – heh.

As I understand, the genetics of this type of cow allow the fat to form inside the muscle tissue, in a way that doesn’t occur in normal cows. I do wonder just how unhealthy Kobe/Wagyu beef is! Perhaps the cows being massaged daily and fed wine makes their meat healthier…?

The piece I got was probably Wagyu, and was about 1000 yen ($11) per 100 grams. It was on sale though, so I paid a bit less. I just had a small steak, plus some little cubes of cheaper stuff (660 yen per 100g, the taste wasn’t really that impressive). Here’s the good piece of meat:

Expensive beef from a market in Tokyo

I cooked the steak for about a minute a side in a hot pan. It was VERY flavorful, the fat melded perfectly with the meat, and the steak was extremely tender. I can only imagine having Kobe, which probably costs 3-5 times as much in the store (and 10-15 times as much in a restaurant).

Now, today’s got to be all about food, because the other sights I saw were “no photos allowed.” So here’s my favorite sushi, Unagi (sea eel). They have so many kinds of eel in Japan that I haven’t seen before in any sushi restaurant: conger eel, freshwater eel, sharp-toothed eel… all delicious!

Unagi at a running sushi (Kaiten Sushi) in Tokyo

I’ll round out this food-oriented post with a very expensive cantaloupe. Like yesterday’s cherries, these are meant as gifts. At an exchange rate of 90 yen per USD, that’s well over $100 of melon:

$100+ canteloupe in a Tokyo department store

What’s the most costly food you’ve tried, or most expensive restaurant where you’ve eaten?

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