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Have YOU been crushed by a dolphin?

If you have, please call our toll-free number, 555-DTH-FR-ABV.

I have to tell a story about the guy in this photo, and old friend named Rich.

Dolphin jumping over Rich

Rich weighed in a bit heavier than me at the time of this trip, probably around 125 pounds. Now, that’s remarkably small. What’s even more amazing is that Rich could eat anything. Literally. We’d go to the Outback, and he’d devour half a cheese fries, a salad, the 22-oz Porterhouse, and the loaded baked potato. Then he’d proceed to order the coconut-chocolate-sundae for dessert and polish that off, before finishing one or two other sundaes that others at our table couldn’t manage.

Then there was the time he ate a 48-oz Porterhouse at Shula’s. We only heard about that after the fact, but it was from a reputable source who would never exaggerate his eating prowess (his wife!). For those metric folks, 48 oz of beef is a 1.36kg steak, minus the bone in the middle. So this guy can really eat.

Well, on the trip to the Bahamas where I took this amazing dolphin jump photo (with a Canon Rebel film camera, probably in 2000), Rich got sick. Some kind of food poisoning. It was the first time in the six years we’d known each other when I out-ate him. I believe I was flipped the bird when I pointed that out…

But, to Rich’s credit, we kept adventuring around the Bahamas. Within a day, he was able to demolish the $50 dinner buffet at the Atlantis hotel (which to this day remains the most amazing buffet I’ve ever been to). Thereafter we snuck into their marine habitat, and had a great time wandering around the nearly-deserted tanks (which I believe, at that time of night, were only open to resort guests). What an awesome trip!

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4 Replies

  1. Dave you really get around.
    I’m thinking you drink your martinis shaken, not stirred…
    .-= W.Z. Snyder´s last blog ..snYder CoMic #6 =-.

  2. W.Z., shaken, all the way. And I keep the gin/vodka in the freezer next to the shaker, so it’s super cold, just like my beard at 3,200m 😉

  3. You certainly do get around. I want to be you! :)

  4. Hey Wendy, well, that was 10 years ago… I seem to remember you’ve done a bit o’ traveling too 😉

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