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Budapest Streets

Those long familiar with the blog might remember some prior posts about street photography. Candid photos of city denizens and visitors tell you a lot about what the place is like! Take this woman agonizing over what to buy in the farmers’ market:

Budapest Farmers' Market - Fruit

From afar it really looked like we were about to enter a field in the middle of the city. I guess a few hundred years ago this might have been the view.

Painted building in Budapest

The couple and the single… who is happier?

Couple and Single

We must have watched this dog playing in and around the fountain pool for half an hour. Finally I got the shot I’d been waiting for!

Dog in mid-dive

No comment required on this last one. All in all, it was a beautiful day of sun, photos, sights, and frisbee on the streets and in the parks of Budapest.

Non-still-life: boy with dog and tweeties

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4 Replies

  1. Jayanti May 2nd 2011

    Great shots Dave! I especially love the timing of the dog about to enter the water. I hadn’t checked out your site in a while and was rewarded with your Budapest trip. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jayanti! It was a great trip. Really looking forward to visiting there again when I have a bit more time. I hear there are great outdoor parties by the river in the summer.

  3. I thought you parked at the hills but then I was amazed how that painting on the wall is so deceiving that you will think that it’s real.

  4. Thanks ctm. That is a great building… I had another photo taken through the trees that really looks too much like the country, this one had more of a contrast where your mind could realize the eye was deceiving it. 😉

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