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10 Amazing HDR Photos of Florida

Fellow photographer Captain Kimo runs a great website & blog about HDR Photography. What is that, you ask? In High Dynamic Range Photography, one uses a tripod to take several photos of the same scene with different exposures, then combines them using special software. The end result has rich color & detail in all areas of the photo, whereas a single photo of the same scene would either have very dark areas or bright, washed-out areas.

Kimo has volunteered to share a selection out of his amazing portfolio… click on any of the photos to jump to a full-res version on Kimo’s website!


When people think of Florida, the first few locations they think of are Miami, Orlando and Key West. But I’m here to tell you, Florida is a big state. It has a lot more to offer than just these typical destinations.

I’m a native Floridian who lives in Palm Beach Gardens. The most beautiful place I know of in Florida is a city just north of here called Jupiter. Jupiter, Florida, isn’t your typical tourist destination. I would not advise this area for anything exciting, but if you want to relax and witness some beautiful beach scenery there’s no place in Florida I would recommend more than Jupiter.

I photograph the beaches of Jupiter often. Below are some of my favorite photographs from Jupiter’s beautiful beaches, parks and landmarks.

1. Blowing Rocks Preserve – Sunrise at the Rocks
2. Blowing Rocks Preserve – Sea Oats at Sunrise
3. Coral Cove Park – Sea Oats at Sunrise
4. Coral Cove Park – Rock at Sunrise
5. Jupiter Lighthouse – Full Moon
6. Jupiter Lighthouse – Sunset
7. Jupiter Inlet – Sunrise on the Pier
8. Jupiter Inlet – Sunrise on the Beach
9. Dubois Park – Dubois Pioneer Home
10. Carlin Park – Beach at Sunrise

For more beautiful photos of Florida, visit my blog at http://CaptainKimo.com

I plan on taking a journey to photograph the entire Florida coast later this year. This is not a small trip. Florida is a peninsula and a very large state, so photographing the entire coast will require months of work. Subscribe to my blog and join me on my journey as I photograph the entire Florida coast in HDR.


About the Author and Photographer: Kim Seng (A.K.A. Captain Kimo)

Kim Seng a photographer who specializes in HDR photography. His blog CaptainKimo.com is dedicated to HDR photography. Some photos on the site are taken from his travels, but most are from his native state of Florida.

Thanks, Kimo! I’m looking forward to more of your HDR photos, and trying a few of my own during my RTW trip.

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9 Replies

  1. Thanks for letting me post an article Dave. Looking forward to seeing your photos from Peru.
    .-= Captain Kimo´s last blog ..Wetlands at Grassy Waters Preserve =-.

  2. Excellent stuff! I only hope that one or two of my Peru photos come out as well as these from Florida. I’ll have to experiment a bit more with HDR than what I have so far.

  3. Great photo’s. Captain Kimo’s flickr stream is truly excellent too. Just started my own hdr website on http://www.waitingforvisas.com and any feedback would be appreciated.
    Good work here!!

  4. looks like a great site to visit, yours too! found you through commentlu search and am bookmarking your site to come back later to explore!
    .-= greg urbano´s last blog ..St Pete Photo Walk =-.

  5. Thanks, Greg! Commentluv is cool… I only wish I had more time for blog reading. But I’ll give yours a look as well :-)

  6. Lovely HDRi’s!! my favourite would be 3. Coral Cove Park – Sea Oats at Sunrise and 8. Jupiter Inlet – Sunrise on the Beach. They look like a perfect wallpaper for the next Windows OS 😀

  7. Hi Ryan, that is a great idea for the photog! Kimo, do you have any connections at Microsoft – hehe 😉

  8. Very nice! HDR not overdone. good job

  9. Amazing HDR photos. Top quality shot by a true pro. Great work.

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