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Munich’s Olympiapark in HDR

I’ve prepared some more HDR photos to show you the view from Olympiaberg (made of WWII rubble) around sunset. It’s a bit too far away for a view of Munich’s downtown, but the Olympic buildings themselves are stunning! Here’s the Olympiastadion (where I saw Genesis a few years back):

Olympiastadion HDR

The last few moments of sun before the disc slipped below the horizon:

Olympiastadion HDR Sunset

And a perspective-corrected view of the Olympiaturm, with BMW Vierzylinder (the HQ of BMW, called “four cylinders”) in the background. BMW Welt and BMW Museum are tiny.

Olympiaturm HDR Sunset

High Dynamic Range photography is an interesting way to show detail in areas of shadow, without blowing out the highlights in a photo. It currently requires taking several shots of the scene, then doing lots of PC processing after taking the pictures. Due to this post-processing, I’m anxious to hear if any of you have problems viewing the photos on your monitors (do they look too dark)? If so I might need to calibrate my monitor.

Now I’m just waiting for the first camera to come out with built-in HDR processing. I predict this will be on a pro- or pro-sumer camera in less than five years, more likely 2-3. What do you think?

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Guided Munich

I’ve been home for two weeks, and am finally writing the first post in months that isn’t categorized “around the world.” While on the RTW trip, though, I had the idea to start a guided photography tour of Munich!

View looking past Marienplatz, Munich

What is a guided photo tour, you ask? I will be giving a three hour private photo course, explaining to my customers how to use their cameras (either D-SLR or pocket cameras) to take better pictures. The photo subjects during this walking tour will be all the best sights and monuments in Munich. I know a few secret vantage points, as well. Private tour means just one small group: no strangers arguing about what to see next.

BMW buildings as seen from Olympiaturm

I’ve seen a lot of people taking tourist photos around town. So I tried to duplicate their work! It wasn’t hard. I put my big D-SLR in “Auto” mode, stood directly in front of each monument or building, aimed the camera nearly straight up, and clicked the shutter release as fast as possible. Then I closed the flash unit, set the camera to “Program” mode, and tried again – while using the big computer behind the camera. Here are some examples of the difference:

Sendlinger Tor Comparison

Siegestor Comparison

If you’re interested to improve your photography skills while in Munich, please check out Guided Munich Photo Tours! And if you know anyone traveling here, I’d certainly appreciate the referral as I get started. Hope you enjoy the summer, and take lots of great photographs!

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