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Why do Mannequins need Nipples?

At the risk of offending some, here’s my question: why is every mannequin in Miraflores either smuggling raisins, or (in one case that I was too shy to photograph) having a “wardrobe malfunction?”

Storefront Mannequin Smuggling Raisins in Miraflores

I thought this was funny. I’d be embarrassed if this were my shop, but apparently Peruvian fashion-store owners aren’t worried about showing a little nip.

Besides being shocked by the storefront windows on May 17th, I met some surfers down by the beach and talked with them for a while. Here’s a relaxed photo of Herman surfing with excellent style:

Herman surfing in Miraflores

Okay, on to some delicious foods you should try if in Peru. Ceviche (raw seafood marinated in lemon or lime juice) at Mama Olla’s (restaurant suggested by Tim, thanks man!):

Ceviche at Mama Olla's in Miraflores

Maracuja Pisco Sour at Mama Olla’s. I discovered the ingredient that froths up the Pisco Sour: egg whites!

Maracuja Pisco Sour at Mama Olla's

Suave Crema de Lucuma dessert at Las Brujas de Cachiche. Whatever this orange-colored cream is, the flavor mixes better with dark chocolate than almost anything I’ve ever tasted. Fantastic! Anise liqueur in the background…

Suave Crema de Lucuma dessert at Las Brujas de Cachiche

After all this, I boarded what would be the first of two flights to Hawaii. Strike that, three flights… I volunteered to lose a couple of hours for a $250 voucher when the flight was full. Let’s see what else tomorrow brings!

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Leaving Tambopata – For Now

I’m not a sentimental one, especially when on holidays. But I felt a special connection with the wildlife and the people at Explorer’s Inn, so I was a bit disappointed to leave after just two days (May 16th). I even slept like a baby on the second night there, despite the jungle noises & howler monkeys.

Leaving Puerto Maldonado

I have a feeling that I’ll be back to Explorer’s Inn sooner rather than later. And there will definitely be a few more articles coming up about the Tambopata Reserve.

The rest of the day was travel: boat, bus, two plane flights, and a taxi ride. In Miraflores I discovered that a lot of restaurants are closed Sundays. Dying of hunger after walking for hours, I tried a tasty local dessert, the turron – a crumbly almost-crunchy cake filled with some kind of fruit jam.

Turrones in Lima

Afterward I found a restaurant that was supposedly Arabic, and tried out an interesting dish:

Arabic fare in Miraflores - Chorizo and Salsa with Hummus?

The hummus was good, along with the chorizo and salsa, though the latter were definitely not authentic Arabic fare. Cusqueno Malto (a dark beer) is fantastic!

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing the “weird sexual imagery in foreign countries” theme. Stay tuned.

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The Finest Peruvian Restaurant

I dined out in style on Monday night in the Miraflores district of Peru. A fellow blogger recommended Astrid y Gaston, so I gave it a try – and was not disappointed! My bill wasn’t cheap (about $55 USD), but considering the gourmet feast I had, it’s 1/2 or 1/3 the price of a similar meal in the States or in Europe.

First course: potato bread, spicy pepper bread, cheese bread, chocolate bread, plain white bread (already eaten), and some cheesy tomato pepper sticks. With butter, pesto, salt, and olive oil! Now that’s a lot of bread for one person. A few types I only sampled, and I must say, the spicy pepper bread was the best.

Bread at Astrid y Gaston

Complimentary appetizer, because I didn’t order one (was saving room for dessert): a shot of something starchy with green foam, a fried thing whose contents I don’t remember, and a sweet potato chip with tuna tartare.

Appetizer at Astrid y Gaston

I went with a mixed Peruvian shellfish main course. Lots of delightful flavors that mixed well together. I believe the green foam is cilantro-flavored… how does one do that?

Mixed shellfish at Astrid y Gaston

Finally, dessert: a fruit souffle with coconut crisp on the side, and a Pisco (similar to grappa).


Normally, I would say a tasty dessert like this would be the grand finale to a fantastic meal. However, the chefs weren’t done yet! They presented this artsy set of drawers, loaded with several small confections which shot my taste buds out of the stratosphere and into low-earth-orbit.


In closing, I’ll just say: I love this kind of unique culinary experience. But I can’t really justify spending $100+ on a meal. So if you want to taste real, high-end gourmet food and not break your wallet, visit Astrid y Gaston in Miraflores. Make sure to reserve in advance in case they fill up. You won’t regret it, and it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Even with 3 drinks (Pisco Sour, Chardonnay, and a straight Pisco) my bill came to $55… easily in the realm of a “once per year” treat to yourself. I might even visit twice a year, if Peru weren’t so d*mn far from Munich!

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Cats & Pigeons in the Park

May 10th brought a day of adventure in Lima! My favorite photos of the day were these three (so far… dinner at Astrid y Gaston is still upcoming!).

Cats in the park at Miraflores

Miraflores cats

Pigeons by Cathedrale San Francisco

Father and Son with Pigeon

Churros are fantastic – caramel mixed with chewy/crunchy goodness!

Real Churros Officially Rock

Let’s see if I end up paragliding on the cliffs of Miraflores next week, on my last day in Peru! With about 200 photos for the day, more Lima posts will be upcoming… eventually… but now it’s time to find a Peruvian beer before hitting up the most famous Peruvian restaurant in the world, Astrid y Gaston!

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A Simple Bed

Sometimes all you need is a simple bed. And wifi. After 2 days of 8h+ long-haul flights, Hostal Buena Vista had everything I needed on May 9th, for the reasonable price of $35 a night.

Hostal Buena Vista room

My taxi ride was happily uneventful. I think it’s rare for something to happen to you in Lima taxis, but it’s not unheard of to be robbed (or for the taxi to drive off with your bag in the trunk). Great advice from Ben at Streets of Lima about taking taxis in Lima. I was lazy and tired, so just bargained to 30 Soles on the price from the airport, but that’s a lot better than the $30 (almost 90 Soles)  the “official” taxis were asking for.

Finally, I’ve arrived in South America!

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