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Weilheim Discgolf Sunset

Indisputably, the best place to play frisbee golf near Munich is Weilheim. It’s a town near the south end of Starnberger See, about 30-45 minutes from Munich. I met up with a few locals who were already on the course and we had a great time playing together. Here’s the evening view from hole 13:

View of Weilheim's hole 13

The sunlight only got better as evening approached. Just picture yourself in this red-orange, side-lit forest:

Pines in beautiful evening light

The texture on this tree struck me, highlighted by the orange sunlight.

Blur to texture

I only had my 35mm f/2 on hand, but it gives a good idea of the forest-feel as the last edge of the sun slipped below the horizon.

Sunset in the forest

Hole 19 at Weilheim: whoever is closest to the hole 1 basket wins. You can barely see it at the bottom of the hill, right side. A tricky throw!

Overlooking hole 19

Bonus points to whoever can tell me exactly what this picture is!

What is this photo?

A beautiful sunset silhouette…

Sunset silhouette

And a realistic HDR of the same scene.

HDR Sunset over Weilheim corn

So, the next time I’m fired up to play disc golf at Weilheim, you’ll know why – friendly locals, and the course is at one of the most beautiful parks in Bavaria!

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iPhone HDR

For those who have an iPhone, you can check out the pro-HDR app my friend Joe recommends. I was so impressed by his photo (considering it’s from a mobile phone) that I’ll share it here:

Idaho State Capitol - iPhone HDR

The Idaho State Capitol looks pretty nice in HDR! Notice the great color in the bright puffy-clouds sky, while maintaining good brightness and color on the partly-shaded building and foreground.

I’m just waiting to see what the big camera makers some up with. In my last post I predicted we’d see built in High Dynamic Range on a pro-sumer or pro camera within a few years. Maybe when mobile phones are already producing results like this, Nikon will step up to the plate on the D90 replacement or D700 replacement. Please!

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Munich’s Olympiapark in HDR

I’ve prepared some more HDR photos to show you the view from Olympiaberg (made of WWII rubble) around sunset. It’s a bit too far away for a view of Munich’s downtown, but the Olympic buildings themselves are stunning! Here’s the Olympiastadion (where I saw Genesis a few years back):

Olympiastadion HDR

The last few moments of sun before the disc slipped below the horizon:

Olympiastadion HDR Sunset

And a perspective-corrected view of the Olympiaturm, with BMW Vierzylinder (the HQ of BMW, called “four cylinders”) in the background. BMW Welt and BMW Museum are tiny.

Olympiaturm HDR Sunset

High Dynamic Range photography is an interesting way to show detail in areas of shadow, without blowing out the highlights in a photo. It currently requires taking several shots of the scene, then doing lots of PC processing after taking the pictures. Due to this post-processing, I’m anxious to hear if any of you have problems viewing the photos on your monitors (do they look too dark)? If so I might need to calibrate my monitor.

Now I’m just waiting for the first camera to come out with built-in HDR processing. I predict this will be on a pro- or pro-sumer camera in less than five years, more likely 2-3. What do you think?

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HDR Photography in Cambodia

So, I’ve finally processed a few of the High Dynamic Range photo sequences that I took on the RTW trip. Here are a few from Cambodia, which you can also see (in higher resolution) on my Flickr page.

This is probably my favorite of the final prints, taken from the third floor of the Angkor Spirit Palace hotel in Siem Reap where I was staying. The benefit of HDR is that you can see detail in both the bright and dark areas of the final “composite” picture.

Cambodia Sunset over Rice Paddies

Here’s an interesting shot of an approaching storm, which killed the sunset I was waiting for at this temple. Unfortunately the software I have isn’t good at aligning images, and has no manual feature. So they didn’t line up perfectly, something you can see in some of the edges where light meets dark (but only in the higher res versions on Flickr). Either way, the scene is great – everything from rain, to black clouds, to blue sky!

Angkor Storm - Badly Aligned

Finally I’ll close up with another photo from the rice paddies sunset over Siem Reap. There was actually someone burning brush over behind the trees, that’s why there’s an area with smoke rising.

Cambodia Sunset 2 over Rice Paddies

There will be a lot more HDR photos coming, as I go through the Camera RAW images that I took all throughout the RTW adventure. Stay tuned!

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10 Amazing HDR Photos of Florida

Fellow photographer Captain Kimo runs a great website & blog about HDR Photography. What is that, you ask? In High Dynamic Range Photography, one uses a tripod to take several photos of the same scene with different exposures, then combines them using special software. The end result has rich color & detail in all areas of the photo, whereas a single photo of the same scene would either have very dark areas or bright, washed-out areas.

Kimo has volunteered to share a selection out of his amazing portfolio… click on any of the photos to jump to a full-res version on Kimo’s website!


When people think of Florida, the first few locations they think of are Miami, Orlando and Key West. But I’m here to tell you, Florida is a big state. It has a lot more to offer than just these typical destinations.

I’m a native Floridian who lives in Palm Beach Gardens. The most beautiful place I know of in Florida is a city just north of here called Jupiter. Jupiter, Florida, isn’t your typical tourist destination. I would not advise this area for anything exciting, but if you want to relax and witness some beautiful beach scenery there’s no place in Florida I would recommend more than Jupiter.

I photograph the beaches of Jupiter often. Below are some of my favorite photographs from Jupiter’s beautiful beaches, parks and landmarks.

1. Blowing Rocks Preserve – Sunrise at the Rocks
2. Blowing Rocks Preserve – Sea Oats at Sunrise
3. Coral Cove Park – Sea Oats at Sunrise
4. Coral Cove Park – Rock at Sunrise
5. Jupiter Lighthouse – Full Moon
6. Jupiter Lighthouse – Sunset
7. Jupiter Inlet – Sunrise on the Pier
8. Jupiter Inlet – Sunrise on the Beach
9. Dubois Park – Dubois Pioneer Home
10. Carlin Park – Beach at Sunrise

For more beautiful photos of Florida, visit my blog at http://CaptainKimo.com

I plan on taking a journey to photograph the entire Florida coast later this year. This is not a small trip. Florida is a peninsula and a very large state, so photographing the entire coast will require months of work. Subscribe to my blog and join me on my journey as I photograph the entire Florida coast in HDR.


About the Author and Photographer: Kim Seng (A.K.A. Captain Kimo)

Kim Seng a photographer who specializes in HDR photography. His blog CaptainKimo.com is dedicated to HDR photography. Some photos on the site are taken from his travels, but most are from his native state of Florida.

Thanks, Kimo! I’m looking forward to more of your HDR photos, and trying a few of my own during my RTW trip.

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