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Surfing in landlocked downtown Munich!

Eisbach Surfing in Munich

For the surfers I met briefly today at the Eisbach in Munich: the gallery of my best photos is below, after the YouTube video. Val from Killians (hope I remembered your name right), I didn’t find any pics of you – but I can certainly meet up sometime and try to take a few! I live right near the Eisbach. Just leave a comment and I’ll email you.

Photos were taken with a Nikon D90 and the 18-200mm VR lens.

YouTube Preview Image

Go to YouTube to watch the video in HD!

Getting to the Eisbach Surfers’ Wave:


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5 Replies

  1. Surfing is really the best sport out there, i love the adrenaline rush when surfing on big waves.*”-

  2. Hi Sophia, funny, I was just surfing yesterday (well, learning/trying) in Waikiki, Hawaii! Stood up a couple of times, and got a wicked sunburn. Carving snowboarding is really my kinda thing, though :-)

  3. i am an adrenalin junkie so i love to surf on very high waves`’.

  4. i really love surfing and sun. surfing is also a great full body exercise for the body,                     

  5. Many thanks one additional article, It’s my job to take pleasure in looking at everything you must claim although I can’t often consent. It is not the exact same this is Most of Asia. The natives it’s possible find it slightly diversely. Which i prefer to look for the Oriental female perspective.

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