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Happy New Year from Munich!

For the first time, I went out to one of the bridges in Munich to see fireworks. This is NOT the same as fireworks in the US. Everyone buys big bottle rockets that are illegal in most states and shoots them off from their just-drained champagne bottles. Yes, thousands of drunk people shooting off big fireworks in a crowd. There were trams running over lit fireworks, ambulances driving by every five minutes, and the air was thick with the smell of pyrotechnics.

In a word: Awesome! (okay, except for the people IN the ambulances)

YouTube Preview Image

Location: Reichenbachbrücke. Shot with a Canon Powershot SD1000 pocket cam. I was there with Wingnut & Dylan. Tasty beer, great atmosphere, and most importantly, good friends. One of the best New Years’ celebrations ever…

Happy New Year, und einen guten Rutsch ins neues Jahr! I invite you to see what The Onion thinks of man’s love for setting things on fire. I am no exception… hehe.

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5 Replies

  1. Good lord, what a wild night! Looks fantastic.

    In my pc world, fireworks wouldn’t be allowed in a public place such as that. I often wonder how the human race has survived without the ‘fun’ police poking their noses into everybody’s business!

    All the best for 2010 :)
    .-= Wendy Morrell´s last blog ..2009 wrap-up. =-.

  2. Steve Jan 2nd 2010

    That was outstanding! I miss my days in Germany… always great fireworks – excellent quality, reasonable prices, and best of all… no namby-pamby restrictions!! Give Wingnut a kiss for me.

  3. Hey Wendy, I had no idea fireworks were allowed to that extent. Would have bought some myself :-)

    Steve, will say hello. No can do on the kiss though, hehe. If I’m here next year I’m gonna shoot off some major fireworks!

  4. Carina Jan 2nd 2010

    Fireworks with no control are fun if you don’t get burned by something landing on your feet without you noticing it and exploding just rigth there!! Anyway that was a hot experience, I tell you :o).
    Have a fantastic 2010 and keep blogging! All the best :o)

  5. Yeah that was too bad. Next time I wear extra clothes, after seeing what can happen! Maybe safety goggles? 😉

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