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Christmas Pet Photos

When traveling in my home country, visiting friends and shopping in strip malls, I don’t have such the incentive for scenic photos. But I do find other subjects at which to point my camera. In the holiday spirit, here are a few random photos of friends’ pets being cute…

This is Diesel, the one-eyed horse:

Diesel the one-eyed horse

“Eat the kitty!”

Eat the Kitty, Salem!

Encyclopedia Brown and the Mystery of the Symmetrical Hounds:

Symmetrical Hounds

“This thing had better not run over my toes.”

Kitty under Christmas Tree with Train

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

p.s. for the Encyclopedia Brown fans, the answer is that Bugs Meany has drugged their food and arranged them in this curious pose. This way he could egg(nog) Encyclopedia’s house while the young detective was busy figuring out what happened to the dogs.

Posted 11 years, 9 months ago at 3:09 am.


Haidhausen Weihnachtsmarkt

Christmas Markets in Germany are something special, where you can enjoy a mulled wine, a tasty dessert, and a bit of craft-oriented shopping. Here are a few shots from this year!

The famous Glühwein hut, where you can get a mini Feuerzangenbowle (flaming punch made with 80% rum):

Gluehwein Hut in Haidhausen

Beautiful glowing candles.

Candles at the Haidhausen Christmas Market

Delicious cakes, cookies, and desserts abound at the Christmas Markets!

Cakes and sweets

This water bowl from Grünhorn was particularly cool. The German word, Wasserspringschale, literally means jumping water bowl. By rubbing the handles you get a variety of tones, and the vibrations make the water move in some interesting ways!

Wasserspringschale - jumping water bowl

With a bit more effort, the water springs out of the bowl as if it were boiling madly, though it’s just room temperature.

Wasserspringschale in full action

If you’re looking for a cool decoration with endless relaxation and entertainment potential, check out a water spring bowl!

So far it’s a wonderful Christmas Market season. There are just a few days left, so for those in Germany who haven’t been to one yet, now is your chance!

Posted 11 years, 9 months ago at 2:33 pm.


Roasted Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce

So, I’m out of Blair’s Death Sauce, at least the “less strong” varieties like Salsa de la Muerte that are usable straight over food. I decided to try my hand at some hot sauce of my own. For those that know the habanero, it’s one of the hottest peppers in the world, 50-100 times hotter than a jalapeno. Here are the ingredients of my sauce:

Habanero Garlic Hot Sauce Ingredients

List of ingredients for Roasted Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce:

  • 20 habanero peppers
  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 3 rawitt chilis
  • 1 large shallot (not pictured in photo!)
  • 1 head garlic
  • 1/2c white vinegar
  • 1/2c water
  • 1/3c lemon juice
  • 2tsp brown sugar
  • 1tsp roasted cumin
  • 1tsp salt

I halved and then roasted 3/4 of the habaneros (seeds and all) along with the jalapeno and the peeled garlic cloves. This was done in the oven, maybe around 350°F for 15-20min until lightly browned. Then everything went in the blender including the remaining (uncooked) habaneros. Roasting supposedly reduces the heat a bit (nooo!), and I also wanted to keep some fresh habanero flavor, so I left 1/4 of the habanero pods raw & unroasted.

Here’s the final result:

Finished Roasted Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce

The flavor is amazing! Perhaps because it’s so fresh, and hasn’t been processed as much as your average store-bought hot sauce. Due to the high acid content with vinegar and lemon juice, I suspect this will keep for a very long time (months or more). Although I am a bit concerned that it could grow mold eventually. I’m also looking for some pH test strips to check the acidity, as this will tell how safe an acidified food is. I suspect it’s in the mid to low 4’s, making it long-term shelf storage safe, but for now it’s in my fridge.

If you do give homemade hot sauce-making a try, let us know here! Until then I recommend Blair’s Death Sauces. Available in Germany at www.importladen.de. My favorite is Salsa de la Muerte, as most of the hotter ones have to be diluted – I like to drizzle my food with sauce.

Happy tasting, and don’t numb your tongue too much!

Posted 11 years, 10 months ago at 2:12 pm.

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