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Verona at Night

When I arrived in Verona with a friend, the first thing we found was a lingerie fashion show in the central square. Verona is one happenin’ city! I’m going to have to pore over those photos… maybe I can find one or two that are (ahem) suitable for a later post… but here’s what we saw afterward. All photos taken with a tripod.

The Arena in Verona dates from Roman times:

Verona Arena

As the evening’s pop concert emptied out of the Arena di Verona, I got some ghostly photos of high heels and a bike on the Piazza Brà. ISO200, f/5, 2s.

Verona's Piazza Bra

Here’s what 0.8s will get you:

Street scene in Verona

And finally, an interesting church, well-lit at night.

Verona Church

Verona is a great city to visit, and even though you can’t shop at night, the town is abuzz with activity. Bars, events, and restaurants are packed full, spilling out onto the streets. It’s definitely worth a full weekend looking around this beautiful city!

Posted 11 years, 11 months ago at 5:20 pm.

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Double-Wide Bank

This ain’t gonna win any photo contests, but it made me laugh. I saw this temporary institution near where I live in Munich. The normal Commerzbank building was being renovated, so the bank moved into a trailer home.

Double-wide-trailer bank

It occurred to me: if someone wanted to rob this bank, they could just drive up with a big trailer (or a huge helicopter?) and steal the whole bank.

Now, the getaway plan would have to be something special to make that work. I’m thinking Ocean’s 14… this plot idea (© 2010 David Douglas) is now up for sale!

Posted 11 years, 11 months ago at 3:50 pm.


Homemade Sushi

I love eating raw food. Usually it just tastes better to me, and has a great texture compared to most things cooked. And in today’s markets, it’s relatively safe for healthy adults to eat several kinds of meat & fish raw. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, and I take no responsibility if eating raw food makes you sick).

Below is some of my homemade sushi from a few days ago. I always buy the fish in a high-end market, and ask the fishmonger what he recommends for sushi. Often they say “Nothing today, come back on xxxx” – and I definitely respect that. Usually they have tuna and salmon; on the right days sometimes another one or two. You can also find frozen sushi (such as pre-cooked Unagi, or eel) in some Asian shops.

Homemade tuna and salmon sushi - Maguro, Sake

Of course to get this nice blur, I used my 35mm f/2. ISO was cranked up to 800 to avoid using a flash, and I white-balanced on an empty plate before shooting.

Homemade sushi - Eel (Unagi) on the right

Despite that I once ate raw chicken in Kyoto, I don’t recommend that for everyone. Nor would I ever recommend eating raw pork, because the consequences are too dire. But I’ve never been sick from raw beef or fish. Of course I only consume these in countries where I trust the food processing chain.

So, if you live in a well-developed country, check out the best fish market you can find in town – maybe you, too, can make your own sushi for a fraction of the restaurant price!

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Oktoberfest Lights

On my way to a friend’s party I saw these spotlights over Oktoberfest 2010. As I didn’t have my camera or half an hour to spare, I made sure to go back another day and try these long exposures.

Oktoberfest 2010 Lights 1

The church in the foreground is the St. Maximilian Kirche.

Oktoberfest 2010 Lights 2

All these exposures are 10s at ISO200 with a wide aperture. I didn’t want to go longer, because the lights moved too frequently.

Oktoberfest 2010 Lights 3

It was a great Oktoberfest 2010; hopefully Oktoberfest 2011 is just as much fun!

Posted 11 years, 11 months ago at 3:29 pm.


Toytown Photo Walk – October

I met up with the Toytown photo club and walked around Munich in the dark for a few hours. Here are a few shots I managed without any tripod.

f2 Cafe

I was going for a different angle on this red-lit mannequin.


Shooting from the hip in the dark at f/2…

From the hip

Eisbach surfers! I played with the strobe effect of my Nikon D90’s built-in flash. Next time I’ll bring a tripod and my SB600, turn down the ISO, and pump up the flash. That should blow out the orange highlights from the d*mn sodium vapor lights. I am too lazy for flash gels and a white card, heh.

Eisbach Surfing - Strobe Effect

That’s all for today!

Posted 11 years, 12 months ago at 12:40 pm.


Weilheim Discgolf Sunset

Indisputably, the best place to play frisbee golf near Munich is Weilheim. It’s a town near the south end of Starnberger See, about 30-45 minutes from Munich. I met up with a few locals who were already on the course and we had a great time playing together. Here’s the evening view from hole 13:

View of Weilheim's hole 13

The sunlight only got better as evening approached. Just picture yourself in this red-orange, side-lit forest:

Pines in beautiful evening light

The texture on this tree struck me, highlighted by the orange sunlight.

Blur to texture

I only had my 35mm f/2 on hand, but it gives a good idea of the forest-feel as the last edge of the sun slipped below the horizon.

Sunset in the forest

Hole 19 at Weilheim: whoever is closest to the hole 1 basket wins. You can barely see it at the bottom of the hill, right side. A tricky throw!

Overlooking hole 19

Bonus points to whoever can tell me exactly what this picture is!

What is this photo?

A beautiful sunset silhouette…

Sunset silhouette

And a realistic HDR of the same scene.

HDR Sunset over Weilheim corn

So, the next time I’m fired up to play disc golf at Weilheim, you’ll know why – friendly locals, and the course is at one of the most beautiful parks in Bavaria!

Posted 11 years, 12 months ago at 12:13 pm.


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