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Tenerife Sunsets

Here are a few sunset timelapses and other scenes from Tenerife’s west and north coasts. Tenerife is a beautiful island if you avoid the super-touristy parts. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Taken with a Nikon D7000 using the built-in intervalometer, and an 18-200mm VR lens.

Tenerife Sunset

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  1. nice work dave, don’t forget to do one for Munich. Here’s an example of one I stumbled over today : http://vimeo.com/34917048

    Sadly my D600 doesn’t seem to have a intervalometer :(


  2. Nice timelapse link Paul!

    I’ve heard that Canons (the ones which do have an intervalometer) can sometimes do better at timelapses where a variable exposure is used, because (at least when controlled externally) the exposure length can be varied to anything you want. Nikon is limited to 1/3 of a stop for the shutter speed. This means that even with software adjustment after the fact, the sun can flicker a little based on those 1/3 stop changes.

    But I’m thinking in this video you linked, a fixed exposure is used…

  3. Interesting video, I would love to make similar video for my city, which software do you use to make that “fast” effect?

  4. Hi Noemi, after taking the many hundreds of still pictures, I use an open-source software called Virtualdub. It links all the pictures into a video, then with some filters it resizes from 16 megapixels (or whatever camera size) to 1080 HD. I also use a filter called deflicker to smooth out exposure changes.

    If you use a normal video camera, many video editors can speed up the video, but it’s hard to cover such a large time span with a video camera => you’d need hours of footage (huge GB on the memory card) to make a video like this.

  5. This video provided seen really wonderful. I known many collection about that sunset task from this location. I have like it.

  6. Noemi Thelen Jan 30th 2012

    Thank you for your answer, Dave. :-) I am totally newbie…I’m learning to use the Virtualdub now…it is fun to learn new things like this, especially that the software is available for free.

  7. Sounds good! Post your results here if you like, I am always curious to see how someone else’s videos look! cheers…

  8. Just beautiful!

  9. Hi

    Great pictures of Tenerife! Next time you come over in the canary island check the last forecast on my web page.

    All the best


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