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WHAT is a Taro?

Native Hawaiians used to eat a lot of taro. It’s a root vegetable a bit like a potato, and has many varieties. Some can be pounded into poi, a purplish paste that is nothing like mashed potatoes. Poi has a strange sour taste that I didn’t really enjoy. And the letters are all right next to each other on the keyboard, which freaks me out.

But all you fans of Fritos and Lays are probably thinking, “it’s like a potato, can you deep fry it?”

The answer is, YES! (Though the sage among us know, you can deep-fry ANYTHING, even if sometimes you shouldn’t).

Hawaiian Chip Company Sweet Potato and Taro Chips

There are many Hawaiian taro chip brands, most of which are craft makers of small volumes of chips. Supposedly the taro is very delicate and requires a lot of attention to cut and fry it right. From the tastiness of these taro (and sweet potato) chips, I won’t dispute the hand-craft methods, though the price of over $4 per medium sized bag makes them a specialty item and definitely not for everyday snacking.

Closeup of Sweet Potato and Taro Chips. The Taro is the white/purple one on the right.

You might have had taro in a bag of Terra Chips. All I can say is, the Hawaiian Chip Company chips that I had were even better than your average Terra Chips. The crunch could fell a hundred year oak, and the taste could knock Hercules on his back. If you go to Hawaii, do try some!

By the way, for those following my one-a-day posts, this one counts as June 3rd. Though for me, there was no June 3rd – I crossed the International Date Line while asleep, and jumped from June 2nd to 4th!

Question of the day: have you ever tried Terra Chips? What did you think of ‘em?

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