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Tortoise vs. Hare

Shibuya was my destination on June 22nd. I recommend going up one of the towers at the Government Buildings complex – it’s free and the view is fantastic! Unfortunately the day I went there with a fellow hosteller (Hi Anne!), it was cloudy and very hazy.

Due to the weather, it wasn’t great for photos today. It’s definitely rainy season here. But I did snap this cool building:

Tortoise vs. Hare

And I’ll leave you with the Humax Pavilion, where I had shabu-shabu at Mo Mo Paradise! Mmm. There are a lot of neon lights in the nightlife areas of Tokyo, which are packed with pleasures of all kinds: video games, gambling, seedy stuff, upscale clubs, and of course, FOOD!


No, I haven’t been to a McDonald’s here yet. Or anywhere on my RTW trip, in fact. Whew!

p.s. For those curious what shabu-shabu is, you have a boiling pot of broth, into which you throw vegetables to boil and dip slices of very thinly sliced meat. The place I went, Mo Mo Paradise, is all-you-can-eat!

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