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The Garden Island

Kauai is known for its beautiful, green nature. Compared to Oahu, it’s virtually deserted – which is just fine by me. Food is less expensive (in restaurants as well as supermarkets), and the vibe is much more local than touristy Waikiki.

About May 21st: I’m not going to lie. It was all about the sunburn, which is by far the worst I’ve had in my life. Every movement was painful, and I probably looked like an 80-year-old each time I stepped out of the car.

That said, I made an effort to get out there and see a few driveable sights. I visited two waterfalls, but need to HDR the pics due to the lighting. So I’ll go with a few shots from the historic 1930’s Kilohana sugar plantation.

Free rum tasting at Koloa rum shop – the dark rum is fantastic, and the gold is not bad either. The rum fudge sauce was fantastic, though a bit pricey at (what was it?) $15 per small bottle.

Koloa Kauai Gold Hawaiian Rum

Interesting art at Sea Reflections. I saw this and immediately thought of a German friend of mine who has chickens, to get her own fresh eggs. One turned out to be a rooster!

Roosters at Sea Reflections at Kilohana

For the artsy among you, there is a Clayworks at Kilohana. Here’s the proprietor making mugs:

Making mugs at Clayworks at Kilohana

Attaching the clay mug's handle

Tasty local meals of the day: Kalua Pig (similar to pulled pork BBQ, but in this case with rice and eggs). Dani’s restaurant has realistic prices for anywhere, and is quite the price-value find for Hawaii, though the atmosphere is nothing special. The Kalua Pig comes with free Kona coffee!

Kalua Pig at Dani's in Lihue

A perfect end to the evening: seared sushi-grade ahi fish tacos with fresh tortilla chips and a Negro Modela. Mmm! I highly recommend Monicos Taqueria.

Ahi fish tacos in Kauai, Hawaii

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll go on a helicopter tour of Kauai! Subscribe by RSS or email (orange buttons in the left sidebar) to hear more about the ‘copter tour!

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