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The $175 Cherry

On June 21st, I headed to the famous Senso-ji temple/pagoda complex in Asakusa. I particularly liked the temple where women pray for things important to them (meeting a good husband, having strong children, etc).

Senso-ji Temple and Pagoda area in Asakusa

What was interesting today food-wise: green tea donuts. Seeing Baumkuchen (German “tree cake” with layers like the yearly rings of a tree), with the German name printed on the package. Then there was this:

Box of cherries costing $175 in Tokyo, meant as a gift

This small box of cherries (meant as a gift) is $175 at today’s exchange rate. Yes, that’s about a pound of cherries. For $175. This is Japan!

I’ll leave you today with this shot of a street performer in Ueno Park. I did actually give him some change! Okay, it was mostly one-yen coins (I think made from aluminum?) and some fives, but a good handful. Thanks for the music!

Street performer in Ueno Park, Tokyo

What do you think about street performers? Do you ever give them change or a couple bills?

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