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Straw Hat Woman

I’ve been trying to get a photo of someone working the fields in a straw hat ever since arriving in Cambodia. Finally, on July 23rd as I rode to the airport in a tuk-tuk, I managed it – and even got another motorcycle-family in the foreground. Keep in mind it was cloudy, and I was moving at a good 40 km/h.

Straw Hat Woman working in the fields

I also spotted this youth in a field. The contrast of the dilapidated house in the background with his mp3 player and headphones is great, and the dog is the icing on the cake.

Cambodian MP3 youth avec chien

After arriving in KL, I checked out some local (mostly indoor) sights, because I’d left my suntan lotion in a luggage locker. Oh, plus it was about 35C with high humidity.

Here’s a cool sculpture representing space and time in front of the Malaysian space agency, their equivalent of NASA. A Malaysian has made it into space!

Space and Time!

The planetarium was also worth the visit. For 3 RM (about $1 USD) I saw an Omnimax-style movie about the space race that first took Russians into earth orbit, then Americans to the moon. There’s a neat museum attached, with an anti-gravity room. Apparently blue light and a sloping floor are the keys to negating gravitational forces. Grab a blue light and a sledgehammer and try it in your own home!

Kuala Lumpur's mosque-looking planetarium

Only a few days left in my round-the-world trip. I wouldn’t say I’m homesick. However, I am ready to sleep more than two or three nights in the same bed, without having to spend hours a week planning where I’m going next and how to get there. What’s the longest time you’ve traveled?

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4 Replies

  1. I dig the planetarium shot.
    The longest I’ve traveled was a month.
    How the heck long have you been globe trotting, any way?

  2. @Dad, I see you’re a fan of the Circular Polarizer? 😉

    I globe trotted for about 2.75 months. Now I’m back at home working on the next thing (which hopefully will make money instead of consuming it), but there are still a few posts queued up from the big trip… hehe.

    Where’d you travel for a month?

  3. The picture with the house in the background and the boy with his mp3 player is amazing! Thank you for sharing.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Norwegian Cruise Line Kicks Off The NFL Season At Sea =-.

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