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Shibuya’s Top 5

We headed out of the hostel on June 20th with a downtown park in mind: Yoyogi Park. At the beautiful temple, a Japanese wedding was processing between buildings. 587 tourists had their cameras out and ready. So did I, for the first of today’s Top 5 cool photos around Shibuya (in the order they were taken). Best wishes to this happy couple!

Traditional wedding in Yoyogi Park

Next up: Greasers! Apparently there’s a big craze to dress up like Elvis (or the Pink Ladies) and dance in this square near Yoyogi and Shibuya. At least on Sundays, there are several “gangs” of Greasers there.

Japanese Greaser complete with comb

Number three is going to be a double-dip, because I caught the same tourist posing with both of these strangely-dressed people, several blocks apart!

Tourist number one photo Angelic Pretty

For “Tourist shot number two” check out the guy’s outfit: Cap. Headphones. Ski goggles. Hello Kitty purse. Belt pouches. Short shorts. Red fishnet stockings. Pink socks. SHIN GUARDS. Yellow sneakers. He must have multiple personality disorder, and each of them picked an item to wear?

Tourist number two photo Man Crazy

Fourth is Condomania, a shop filled with condoms and related… stuff. Here’s the Tenga, a one-use male pleasure toy. I found out what it is by accident last year, because I wanted to use Tenga as the name of a town in my fantasy novel Demon’s Bane. A Google search revealed that it might not be the best name for a town; a bit strange for any Japanese readers. Anyone in Mexico wanna buy a Chevy Nova?

Tenga - you don't want to know

Last for today is a famous intersection near Shibuya station. From the Starbucks you get this fantastic view when the cars get a red light and every crosswalk goes green at once:

Pedestrian crosswalk at Shibuya, taken from Starbucks

I actually have a ton more photos from this day. Eventually there’ll have to be an article about the best hamburger I’ve ever had outside the US, at Blacows in Tokyo.

Here’s a question for today: what is the best hamburger you’ve ever had outside the United States? I’m thinking: good beef that can be cooked rare, flavorful toppings, and a hearty, non-crumbly bun. Messy is okay, but tasty is required – in which country/city did you find it?

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3 Replies

  1. Carina Jun 30th 2010

    Home made hamburger, either in Lisbon or Munich! ;o)

  2. The chain Freshness Burger in Tokyo is absolutely exquisite.

    But on teh subject of best foods, the absolute best fish & chips I have ever tasted, anywhere, is at Mad Mulligan’s around the back of Kamiyacho station. The world’s least-Irish Irish bar.

    .-= headbang8´s last blog ..The Other World Cup =-.

  3. Haha, Carina I probably have to agree on homemade burgers being the best.

    HB, I might try Freshness! :-) Fish & Chips, only if I get a real Western craving. (not that burgers aren’t Western but they transcend all boundaries).

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