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No, DON’T Eat My Shorts!

I toured around Kyoto on June 26th with a new friend from the hostel. It rained the whole day, but I did manage to get a few cool shots of these turtles in the park around Toji temple:

Why are these turtles crowding onto this rock?

This Five-Storied Pagoda is a national treasure. It had a few “bests,” I think including the tallest wooden structure in Japan.

Five-Storied Pagoda at Toji

I love Japanese Maples. The overall family is my favorite kind of tree. I managed to find a bit of contrast despite the rain, and got this nice photo of trees in Maruyama Park, by the Gion district.

Japanese Maple

At the edge of the park I found this beauty parked in a patch of grass. I’m once again impressed by the D90 and Nikon’s VR (Vibration Reduction) system. It was almost dark by the time I got this handheld, no-flash photo. Does anyone know what kind of car this is?

Old car in Japan

I wandered through the Gion district, but didn’t see any Geisha, as it was raining. Neither they nor I had much desire to be out and about. This scene greeted me under one awning:

Don't eat my shorts!

Today I definitely observed a bit of the flavor of Kyoto! Everything from the sublime to the obscene. Tomorrow: I go to a castle in the center of the city, known for its “nightingale floors!?”

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4 Replies

  1. I love Toji too, went there several years ago. We were not lucky enough to see Geisha either, even though the weather was fine. The dog eating pants figurine is funny :) Is it real size?
    .-= Dina´s last blog ..Top 3 Temples by Travelers Around the World =-.

  2. Hi Dina, yeah, it was a life sized statue! Cracked me up… junk flapping in the wind as the dog tears his pants off. D’OH!

  3. Michaëlle Jul 8th 2010

    Oh Wow! What a coincidence… My hostel was so close to this thing loll! I Have to go to work but I’m gonna watch all you blog when I will come back! All your photos are really awesome… keep the good work! ^0^

    Mika xxx :o)

  4. Hey Mika, that is funny – I guess everyone in Anne Hostel ended up in the same cities / sights, just at different times :-) Glad you like the photos. If I could figure a way to monetize it I’d be golden.

    I want a Japanese maple!!

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