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More Bangkok Streets

On July 9th, all I did was travel, starting at 7am in Bangkok and ending at 12 midnight in Penang, Malaysia. It was one of those wearying days, so I didn’t take any photos. That means a bit of flair from yesterday’s street shots!

Juice and drinks are everywhere. This high-class shop had bottles instead of the ubiquitous bags-o-juice with a straw.

Fresh juice in Bangkok

There’s a lot of emphasis on uniforms, whether for workers or schoolchildren. Actually, I’m not sure if these are school or work uniforms!

Everyone wears a uniform in Bangkok

Traffic is a way of life. You’ll see jams at any time of day, and hear taxis / tuk-tuks complaining about it constantly.

Crazy Bangkok traffic at all times of day

I think this was one of the food stalls where you choose your ingredients and they cook for you. Although after closer inspection, I’m not sure. Might just be a fresh fruit or juice stand. Either way, there’s a plethora of good, fresh produce in Thailand! Oh yes, El Guapo, I would say you have a plethora.

Roadside food hawker in Bangkok

Thailand was a lot of fun and a lot of sweat, but somehow I’m happy to be leaving for less tourism-based areas. Up tomorrow, my first trip to Malaysia for sightseeing instead of business!

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4 Replies

  1. More outstanding photos. I really enjoy this travel blog of yours. Thanks again for the information on Lightning Source. Very helpful.
    .-= Dad´s last blog ..THE EIGHT FINGERED CRIMINALS SON PROMO =-.

  2. @Dad, thanks! My actual Dad has started reading it as well, his first blog ;-).

    Let me know when the book is out. If you use LS (or anyone else for that matter), I’m curious to hear about your self-publishing experience!

  3. Woah those are really funky school/work uniforms

  4. Yeah, in retrospect I guess they are probably work uniforms, based on the caps they are wearing. I thought it was weird they were just chillin’ out on the dirty skytrain entryway steps.

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