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Mannequin Nip-Slip

Bangkok has a LOT of medium-tall skyscrapers, which you can look down on from the Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s 84th floor. I got this shot after breakfast on July 5th.

Bangkok view from the Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Here’s a good photo for the engineers, showing what the infrastructure of Bangkok is like. I suspect it’s a good metaphor for the city’s hodgepodge of rich/poor, fancy hotels/slums, etc.

Messy electrical wires in Bangkok

They are just as excited about football (ahem, soccer, for my American friends) as the rest of the world:

A football ad for... Pepsi?

Somehow, I can make a series out of the mannequins smuggling raisins from Lima. But, as you’d expect from Bangkok – a city known for sex tourism – the mannequins are a bit more risqué.

Yowza, a mannequin with no pants!

Personally I prefer the more subtle nip-slip; this might just be a Janet Jackson-style “wardrobe malfunction” instead of gratuitous nudity.

Bangkok mannequin nip-slip

Tomorrow I’ll share street photos & night photos. Nothing R-rated – hehe.

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