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Karaoke, Japanese Style

For my final day in Japan, I got up quite late after a night of clubbing. A word to the wise: clubbing in Tokyo is serious business. The subways stop a bit after midnight, and taxis are paid in gold bars or firstborn children. So once you decide to go out, you’re in until dawn!

Anyway, on July 3rd I headed to the seaside district of Odaiba. There’s a lot to do and see: shopping, Tokyo’s huge Ferris wheel, the Future Museum (officially the emerging sciences and technologies), waterside stuff, and cool Toyota showrooms.

I took a ferry to Odaiba from Asakusa, where I saw this building known to locals as “the golden turd.” Well, it’s supposed to be a flame representing the heart of Asahi beer, but judge for yourself:

Asahi Super Dry Hall, a.k.a. Golden Turd

Unfortunately due to my late wake-up (and I do mean late), I missed the Future Museum with its Honda walking robot. But Toyota rocked!

Yes, that’s right. A car showroom rocked my day.

First there was the museum of old cars in the Mega Web shopping complex (free):

Cars in the Toyota Museum in Mega Web

Then, a showroom of new cars with lots of concept vehicles and a few rides (like a self-driving car!). Also, free (well, not the rides). I got a laugh out of this decorated city car:

A cute car in the Toyota Mega Web showroom

After this adventure I met friends for KARAOKE! If you go to Japan, you have to do karaoke with some Japanese. Not only is it a great way to chill with the natives, but they are good singers! I bet due to the culture’s love of karaoke, they have the highest singing skill of any nation.

One of these people is not Japanese. Hint: super tall!

Did I mention that karaoke is all in private rooms? You don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of fifty strangers in a bar… just your closest friends, and perhaps some people you met in a hostel, or out clubbing the night before (haha).

Waaahoooo! Now THAT is some awesome singing.

So here’s my shout out to all my new Japanese friends (who shall remain anonymous). We’ll have to meet again next time I’m in Japan! DAVE LOVES KARAOKE!

Rock on Karaoke singers!

After all that singing I feel an Elwood moment (or perhaps Ellwood if you go by the street name where I used to live). I feel like saying… “We’re getting the band back together.” Long live Electric Bacon! That is all.

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4 Replies

  1. Love that golden turd of Asakusa. I think that was when I learn the word “turd” for the first time (not much of English speaker back then). Japanese love karaoke indeed :)
    .-= Dina´s last blog ..New Zealand’s South Island- Our two week road trip itinerary =-.

  2. Haha – yeah! Funny the way we learn words. I learned the German word for actor, “Schauspieler,” from watching football (soccer). When they fake getting fouled and roll in pain on the ground, everyone watching in the bar yells “Schauspieler!”

  3. Did you Sing Elvis Costello’s WHAT’S SO FUNNY? That’s one of my goals – to sing WHAT’S SO FUNNY in a Japanese K Bar.
    .-= Dad´s last blog ..Self Publishing on 800 Bucks =-.

  4. @Dad, I did not sing that – though it sounds like a great goal! I did sing a lot of songs that I’d say were a karaoke goal for me: LP’s “In The End” and a couple of Green Day songs. And “Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater – that one really hurt, it’s just a bit high!

    Still didn’t find Spacehog’s “In The Meantime,” one of my all-time favorite songs.

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