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Hot Younger Sister

Waimea Canyon, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” is not as old as the Grand Canyon. She may not have the same great tan color either, but at least Waimea hasn’t yet lost all her trees. This first view is from the Canyon Trail on May 25th:

View of Waimea Canyon from the Canyon Trail

Another angle from the Canyon Trail:

View of Waimea Canyon from the Canyon Trail

A nice “partly cloudy” shot from one of the roadside lookouts makes for interesting contrasts.

Waimea Canyon from a viewpoint

Kokee Park at the top of Waimea Canyon has some truly amazing vistas and great trails. Just beware, the signage along the trails isn’t the best, and in many spots I had trouble figuring out where the trail went. On dirt areas there were often no blazes, and in wooded areas there were frequently multiple paths that looked similar, again with no blazes marking the real trail.

In the evening I arrived at the Villas at Poipu Kai, where I stayed in a true luxury villa for 2 nights. After the “Evil Dead” vibe alone at Camp Sloggett, a little relaxation was certainly in order! Tomorrow: how to relax in Poipu.

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4 Replies

  1. Beautiful set of photos Dave. You got me with “Hot Younger Sister.”

  2. Thanks Kimo! You wouldn’t believe how many search engine hits I get for the “Celebrity Upskirts: Statue of Liberty” article. Which does have a look up Lady Liberty’s skirt – but she’s as cold as iron up there. Actually she IS iron up there.

  3. T.M.I on the upskirts. A lot of what you have on your site is exactly what I was interested in. You mentioned Camp Sloggett “alone”; did you happen to be the only one on that given day? I want to be prepared.

  4. Hana, there are no actual upskirts except for looking inside the Statue of Liberty’s iron support structure. :-)

    Yeah at Camp Sloggett I was literally the only person there in a huge empty bunkhouse. I was feeling like Blair Witch Project every time I walked across the squeaky floor. I guess it depends on the time of year and I was there at super low season for tourism!

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