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Glowworm Day

June 13th was a day for the caves. I visited Glowworm Cave and Ruakuri Cave, part of the “official” Waitomo Caves tours (which are very expensive and very touristy). Glowworm Cave was cool but Ruakuri was much better. Even with the lower focus on the worms, Ruakuri cave itself is larger and more interesting. But it’s still a lot of money for a 1-1.5h cave tour.

In Glowworm Cave they don’t allow any photos. But here’s what you can expect from Ruakuri:

Keyhole cave formation in Ruakuri Cave, Waitomo

Amazing stalactites!

Stalactites in Ruakuri Cave, Waitomo

Here are a few photos of the glowworms themselves, lit artificially. Look just above the right grouping of threads to see the worm; he “owns” all the threads below him.

A glowworm and its silken threads

Here’s a better photo of a worm, from the natural cave formation on the Ruakuri bush walk:

Closeup of a glowworm, with flash

Now, on to less cavey and more green settings. Here’s what one thinks when New Zealand is mentioned: green pastures with grazing sheep!

Sheep in New Zealand

Here’s Marokopa Falls, a massive waterfall – I’m guessing 40-50m tall. It was so powerful that even from this distance, a couple hundred meters away, the mist coated my camera in seconds.

Marokopa Falls in New Zealand

The mixed natural & black sand of Marokopa Beach:

Marokopa Beach, a black sand beach

It’s hard to believe that one could see so many varied landscapes in one day. Caves, beaches, pastures, and waterfalls. But that’s New Zealand!

Check back tomorrow for the adventure that is now in my “Top 2” of the whole RTW trip: caving with Paul at Green Glow Eco-Adventures!

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