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Fire in the Sky

May 12th brought me to Cusco, albeit a bit late because of (supposedly) bad weather. When we arrived the weather was beautiful, but I understand there is often fog in the morning – and no pilot in his right mind would attempt this landing on instruments.

For my skydiving friends, landing in Cusco is about like this: you fly in about a thousand feet above the mountains, which are around 12k’. Descend about a thousand feet to mountaintop level, then do a 180° hook turn into the valley and land. Considering the cruising altitude was probably 15-18k’, there was almost no descent – just one high-performance turn!

The view from my hotel room at Hostal Buena Vista

Hostal Buena Vista Cusco View

Yours truly at the Sacsayhuaman ruins at 3,701m, which have truly amazing stonework

Dave at the ruins in Cusco

A choice sunset shot (out of about 50 I took) – flaming hot

Fiery Sunset over the Ruins at Cusco

I wrapped up the day at the Inka Grill, where I had alpaca steak. But those details will have to wait, as it’s time for bed – I get up around 4am tomorrow to climb the mountain next to Machu Picchu. Will let you know how that goes in a couple of days, if I don’t fall off Huayna Picchu – hah!

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5 Replies

  1. That sunset looks truly magnificent!
    .-= Dina ´s last blog ..Friday Photo: Best Looking Hitchhiking Backpackers =-.

  2. Thanks Dina! I hope to have a lot more by the end of the trip. But so far I’ve been in canyons for a couple of the sunsets, so didn’t have much chance 😉

    One or two potentially nice HDR shots from the rainforest at Puerto Maldonado…

  3. What a gorgeous sunset!

    Hope the skydiving went well?

    Is there anything you can’t do? :)

  4. Wendy, I think I was lucky with that sunset, and I had the perfect position to photograph it :-)

    Hmm… well the paragliding would be a tandem flight, so something anyone could do as long as they weren’t afraid of heights ;-). That might be today, but the weather is cloudy and misty (normal Lima winter weather). So I’m not sure that I will end up doing it. Let’s see!

  5. Carina May 17th 2010


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