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Creepy Crawlies in the Jungle

For the squeamish readers, you may want to stop now. This post is about things that might make your skin crawl, like a big, hairy spider the size of a lumberjack’s hand. Personally, I loved playing hide-and-seek with the jungle insects in the Tambopata Reserve:

Hide-and-Seek with a Rainforest Insect

This guy was really beautiful, especially up close. The short focal distance of the 18-200mm VR lens definitely helped get magnified, sharp shots.

Up Close and Personal with a Rainforest Insect

I caught this stick insect in the middle of a meal, as he was munching on a leaf:

Stick Insect having a Leaf for Dinner

Another stick insect we saw was just hiding in plain sight. If I weren’t an intelligent species I really would have mistaken him for a twig:

Stick Insect Hiding in Plain Sight

Last, but not least – in fact, the largest of the night’s finds – this huge spider, which was (no exaggeration) bigger than my hand:

Giant Rainforest Spider

In case that isn’t enough to give you nightmares, here’s a close-up of the body. Mu-hahaha!

Close-up of a Giant Spider's Body

Sweet dreams! Surprisingly, I slept quite well that night at Explorer’s Inn, even knowing that I might wake up to a tarantula in my shower.

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5 Replies

  1. Carina May 21st 2010

    Wheeeeeew!! I was able to read it to the end… and see the pictures… but now you may imagine how I’m feeling,…. Arrrgghhhh!! :o)))))))

  2. Yeah the spider’s hairy body is something else, isn’t it? He was much more scared of us, though, and skittered for his hole when I moved in for a closer pic.

  3. Great photos.
    I’ve never been more than a hundred miles south of the US Mexico border. I appreciate you sharing your experiences.
    .-= Dad´s last blog ..snYder coMics #14 =-.

  4. That is a large spider!

    Great pics Dave. You’ve obviously got an extremely good camera.

  5. Thanks Wendy! Well, the most important part of any camera is the eye behind it. Looking forward to showing people NZ in just two weeks :-)

    @Dad, you should definitely visit the US. I recommend parks like Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and of course the Grand Canyon. My favorite cities are San Francisco and Portland – really nice vibes in both.

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