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Biggest Fish Market in the World

Before I left for Kyoto on June 24th, I headed to Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world. Every day, more varieties of seafood are sold here than most people have ever heard of. Nowadays, they only let two groups of 70 tourists view the famous tuna auction; I decided not to get up at 3:30 to try and catch it. BUT I did see a lot of those tuna being carted around and sliced up, after my 7:00am arrival at the market. I think these are tuna?

Fish being sliced up at Tsukiji in Tokyo

Here are the unlucky ones responsible for my favorite sushi – eels:

Eels! Eels for sale!

Are these scallops? I’m not sure.

Shellfish at Tsukiji

A varied assortment:

Huge assortment of seafood at Tsukiji

These crazy carts drive around everywhere loaded with the day’s purchases, trying (not so hard) to avoid running over tourists.

Crazy carts!

As this cart drove by (while I wanted 2h in line for Sushi Dai), a block of this frozen fish (I think tuna) fell off, skittering across the pavement. You can be sure, it was recovered FAST.

Don't lose the fish!

Since I spent the rest of the day getting to Kyoto, I have some nice shots from there as well. I’ll just throw in one: a beef okonomiyaki, Kyoto style, at the homey Kawa restaurant. It’s north of Syomen street, just east of the Takase river (a tiny canal). Very nice cook, and the first time I sat Japanese-style for a meal on tatami (straw) mats, with no pit under the table to sit “western style.” And the okonomiyaki was good.

Okonomiyaki at Kawa restaurant in Kyoto

In real life, you can see the fish flakes bending back and forth as the heat rises from the okonomiyaki. It’s almost like the dish is alive! If you want to read about this Japanese delight, check out my prior okonomiyaki post. Have you ever found one in a restaurant in your town?

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