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Beaches of Poipu Kai

May 26th was a day for me to relax, after several weeks of almost non-stop action. I cooked a tasty breakfast at The Villas at Poipu Kai, where I ate on the porch looking at the distant mountains:

Tasty breakfast with Blair's Death Sauce

Afterward I headed to the beaches and found some nice views.

Poipu Kai beach

Lava stone beach at Poipu Kai

Here’s the bodyboarding hotspot, just five minutes from where I was staying in Poipu Kai:

Bodyboarding beach at Poipu

And I met these cute chicks on the beach.

Cute Kauaian Chicks

You have no idea how hard it is to get such a good picture of chickens. At least they’re everywhere in Kauai so there are plenty of opportunities. A local told me that they are a special breed of chickens that is very rare so they’re somehow protected. And since there are no mongooses on Kauai (I think it was mongooses?), which were introduced on the other islands to combat snakes, the chickens pretty much have free reign. Wild.

This cool beach right across from Brennecke’s restaurant & bar has a sand bridge connecting the main island to a rocky/sandy outcropping. It’s pretty sheltered and great for snorkeling, if all the people with snorkels are any evidence (I was too lazy to get in the water).

Sand bridge beach at Poipu

Finally, here’s the Spouting Horn!


As the waves come in, they pressurize a cavity in the porous lava rock. All that pressure gets forced out this inlet, shooting a spray of water several meters in the air. Quite an interesting geological formation.

I’d say Poipu is the perfect destination for a beach vacation. There’s a lot to do in the area, great restaurants, and excellent weather. If you give it a try, or if you’ve already been there, let me know about your experience!

Next up: a huge waterfall in a remote location. Four miles of strenuous (and as I found out, potentially dangerous) hiking from the nearest road!

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