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After a lot of time and effort, I’ve saved up 200,000 frequent flyer miles on one carrier. Say what? Yes, that’s a lot. Enough for a coach-class “round the world” fare with 5 stops.

Some equipment (jackets, pants, Tevas, D90 D-SLR) I already have, but I’m loading up on gear this week while I’m in the States where the stuff is cheap. So far I picked up this pack, an Osprey Atmos 50:

Osprey Atmos 50

Plus I’ve found:

  • a lightweight down sleeping bag (perfect for hostels)
  • short and long Smartwool shirts, 150 weight
  • merino socks
  • headlamp with AAA’s
  • slimline money belt
  • in the plans: lightweight shoes

What critical pieces of gear would you recommend? I have super short hair so can skip the shampoo, but I need to bring a beard trimmer. I hope one charge on my Braun will last 2-3 months, hehe.

Possible stops after I depart Munich:

  • somewhere in South America
  • Hawaii
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Asia… Korea? Thailand?

Where have you been? What was the BEST hostel you ever stayed at? (For me it was the AF Chapman ship in Stockholm). I’m definitely open for suggestions. I’m planning a couple of side trips from my main itinerary with separate airline flights or train trips. And I’m aiming for warm climates, as I won’t bring full winter gear.

Let’s see what happens — maybe I meet a few of you on my travels!

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2 Replies

  1. Dave, I’m so envious of your trip. Perhaps if/when you stop by NZ we’ll catch up.

    Would be fun!

    PS. Hope the book sales are going through the roof :)

  2. Hi Wendy, I very well might make it to NZ. What’s the weather like there in June? I guess it is winter so it won’t be so warm!

    Book sales are going… I think it takes a while to build up word of mouth. I need to get the book on BookDepository so that overseas people (outside EU and US) can order it.

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