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An American in Bangkok

Jim Thompson: perhaps the most famous foreigner in all Thailand? He emigrated to the country after falling in love with it when stationed there just after WWII. Apparently he had a keen business sense, because he took Thai silk production from a cottage industry to a booming worldwide business.

In 1967, Jim Thompson disappeared while on a vacation to Malaysia. Even now, it’s unknown what happened to him – foul play, animal attack, or something else. Fortunately, his legacy lives on, as his home in Bangkok is open for visitors to see the beautiful Thai houses and Asian art collection that he assembled. I made my visit there on July 8th.

Traditional Thai houses are built on stilts to avoid damage from floods, and the ground floor around the stilts is mostly open.

Jim Thompson's House on stilts

Inside Jim Thompson’s house, no photos are allowed. But the excellent guided tour does explain a lot about this famous expat and his very original home (built from several old houses that he reassembled here). I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Bangkok!

Main entrance to Jim Thompson's House

Now for a street photo: this one was just too good for me to resist posting.

Fans and toys for sale!

The road where I stayed (Nana Soi 4) had lots of bars, where perplexingly hot and young women would talk to just about anyone. I wonder why?

Seedy bar in Bangkok

I was a little bothered by the obvious sex industry. But what can one do, other than avoid those bars. It’s frustrating that the low income society has driven women to this in order to support their families and children. So, visit Cabbages and Condoms and hope for a better future.

That’s all for today’s Bangkok adventures. Tomorrow, a day of travel – so I’ll show some more street shots!

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2 Replies

  1. Great Photos – as usual. Is this Jim Thompson the American author/screenwriter?
    Funny, I have one book store in the world that is going to sell my book. It’s opening in a couple of months and it’s in Bangkok,
    .-= Dad´s last blog ..THE EIGHT FINGERED CRIMINALS SON PROMO =-.

  2. @Dad, nope, not the screenwriter for sure. Must be another Jim Thompson.

    How did you get that bookstore set up to sell your book? Sounds like it must be an unusual set of circumstances! Connections?

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