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Japan in Timelapse

These timelapse videos were made with a Nikon D7000 on Dotonbori Street in Osaka, in a Belgian bar in Kobe, and from the Granvia hotel overlooking Kyoto train station. You get a little flavor of the variety of city life in Japan!

Personally: I really love how fast you can eat peanuts and drink beer at one frame every 5 seconds. (Cheers, Alan!)

Try to spot a giant crab, a Belgian monk (?), a snow squall, a Shinkansen bullet train, and an elevator dancing to the beat of my background music.

YouTube Preview Image

When you are shooting a timelapse indoors, do try not to set the camera on your food+drinks table. But sometimes you have no choice… hehe. Here’s Kyoto train station at dusk…

Kyoto Train Station at Night

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4 Replies

  1. You gotta lova those Belgian beer bars…and the funky glasses they serve your drinks in

  2. Wow! That’s stunning! I’ve always wanted to try time-lapse :)

  3. Gotta get a relatively new D-SLR that has that function. Definitely worth playing with!

  4. Hehe, yeah every single beer brand has its own special glass :-)

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