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Forum Vini 2012 – Around the World

The variety of wines, spirits, delicacies, and snacks at Forum Vini is truly amazing. Every year there is something new! Here’s what I found at Forum Vini 2012 to write home about.

First: we all know that certain foods go perfectly when paired with the right wine (or beer, or liquor). Well, at Winz Feines zum Wein they’ve simplified the selection process by explaining which snacks (“Knabberei” auf Deutsch) go best with which variety of wine. Great for those who, like me, haven’t yet memorized what mix of salty, sour, dry, sweet, etc goes with which wine.

Snacks for Wine

Next up is a second wine (besides the Grappa in the last post) that I just *had* to buy. Wayne Dutschke makes some tasty Australian wines, and was one of the few wine sellers who had traveled from outside Germany/Austria for Forum Vini (rather than just have a distributor do the selling).

I have to tell you: when I tasted Dutschke’s (average of) 22-year-old Tawny, I turned to my colleague and said “Holy &#%$, this is amazing. I’m going to have to buy some.” Really, it was so good it blew my mind, and that’s coming from a spirits expert who is currently brewing his own Christmas Brown Ale. Tawny is basically a fortified aged wine, which if made in a certain region of Portugal would be called port. That makes Dutschke’s wine even more amazing, because it means the best port I’ve ever had is from Australia!

Wayne Dutschke

The spirits at Zeiss are always delicious, I’ve occasionally bought them as Christmas gifts. The bottles are at least as much fun to look at as the liquor is to drink!

Zeiss Bottles

These delicious French Bordeaux wines from Chateau Perayne are for my Aunt who loves butterflies:


And finally, let me close with something that’s not even related to wine. It’s BEER! Those who know me personally know that I am a beer guy. And not because I drink a lot of it; because I try every single various beer, of every style, from every country that I can get my hands on. For some reason I just remember great beers and brands, where with wines I usually don’t.

This is why I was really psyched to see Braufactum, a German craft brewery, represented at Forum Vini. These are Germans who are not prejudiced against beers outside the Rheinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law). This no-longer-mandatory archaic convention is now just used as marketing to persuade the narrow-minded not to buy any beer that isn’t made in Germany because “all non-German beers are filled with toxic chemicals and unnatural things” (yeah right – what is toxic or unnatural about fruits, coffee, or chocolate?).

But Braufactum is one of the brands that is starting to slowly open Germany up to new flavors of beer! Here is their Märzen bier; in the past this variety was traditionally brewed in March and then stored until Oktoberfest (if I got the story right). They sell various craft beers from all around the world (USA and Belgium among others), and brew several tasty beers of their own including a STRONG India Pale Ale that is delicious and super hoppy.


Overall it was the best Forum Vini yet, and I look forward to Forum Vini 2013 already!

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Forum Vini 2010

By: David Douglas

For longtime readers, you might remember last year’s Forum Vini article. I went back this year for my fourth Forum Vini dose of fine food, wine, and spirits! This year I experimented with only natural light: no flash, and all photos are using my Nikon 35mm f/2 lens + Nikon D90. I often white-balanced on an index card before each shot.

Delicious Goufrais chocolates… amazingly cool on the tongue. True fine chocolate truffles.


Once again, Enoteca Palmieri was in full force with some great wines (more photos below in the full album). Check out the shop at Augsburgerstr. 25 in Dachau. Palmieri had the largest bottle of wine that I saw at Forum Vini!


Palmieri also had something else special: grappa infused with olives! This is a really unique, delicious spirit. And that’s coming from someone with a big (and varied) liquor cabinet.


Delicious oil, vinegar, and sherries from Aecovi Jerez:


Once again I stopped by Dr. Schätzl of Moosburg to check out this year’s display. Here’s a stunning array of different exotic oil: pumpkin seed, poppy seed, walnut, and more…


And a list of other exhibitors who are shown below in the gallery:

Thanks to those at the stands who allowed me permission to photograph them or their products. I had a great time, and (I think) found some great photographic opportunities!

Full album of photos: [salbumphotos=9,144,max,y,n]

Posted 11 years, 5 months ago at 3:47 pm.


Wines and fine foods at Forum Vini

By: David Douglas

The last three years I’ve attended Forum Vini, a fantastic wine convention at the M.O.C. Convention Center in the Freimann quarter of Munich.  Every time I enjoy it even more, and this has become one of my favorite Munich events of the year.  One can sample wines from all over Europe, taste unique liqueurs and brandies, and sample all kinds of delicacies from extra virgin olive oil to chocolate coated pumpkin seeds.

These are a few of my favorite memories from Forum Vini 2009:

Steinwaelder Hausbrennerei Schramml had a lot of interesting spirits on display! Stonewood 1818 Bavarian single malt whiskey, a Christmas liqueur, and a Zoigl brandy were nicely arranged in the front for my photographic pleasure.  The last was very interesting to me: it’s made from beer of small micro/home-brewers who are allowed to sell their own beer (I wasn’t exactly sure but it sounded like a kind of club or special organization).  So this is a brandy made from the very best of homebrewed beer!

Specialty liqueurs from Steinwälder Hausbrennerei Schramml

Specialty liqueurs from Steinwälder Hausbrennerei Schramml

Next up: tasty pumpkin seeds (wasabi, dark chocolate, milk chocolate+cinnamon… choose your favorite) and other specialties from Dr. Schätzl of Moosburg.  Here’s the pumpkin seed oil… which is GREAT on salads.

Pumpkin seed oil from Dr. Schätzl of Moosburg

Pumpkin seed oil from Dr. Schätzl of Moosburg

Here’s an Italian stand, Palmieri Weinshop, where the proprietor was fantasic and friendly, and I must say, the most enthusiastic person at the show… rightfully so, because the wines were great!  I especially loved the award-winning Unico Chardonnay.

Italian wines from Palmieri Weinshop in Dachau

Italian wines from Palmieri Weinshop in Dachau

The stand with my favorite fortified wines of the evening: Bodegas Tradicion, where they have sherries aged for 20, 30, or more years.  I bought a 0.375 bottle of the Oloroso, which has an average age (in cask!) of 42 years.

Premium, very-long-aged sherries from Bodegas Tradicion in Jerez

Premium, very-long-aged sherries from Bodegas Tradicion in Jerez

I’ll finish this post where I finished the evening at Forum Vini: Weingut Michel-Roos has a fantastic array of German-made food delicacies as well as many specialty wines.  The Beerenauslese (dessert wine made with late-season, specially harvested grapes) was amazing.  When I was there they cracked open several different cans of German meat and slathered them on hearty bread with a bit of mustard on top.  Fantastic! (note, these folks aren’t the proprietors, but the pose was just perfect).

Hospitality award of the night goes to Michel-Roos where many cans of Worscht were shared around in a fantastic atmosphere!

Hospitality award of the night goes to Michel-Roos where many cans of Worscht were shared around in a fantastic atmosphere!

A note about photographing at such an event: the main ceiling lights are all fluorescent.  This gives an evil green tint to everything.  If you use the camera’s flash, you’ll get better lighting… but all the backgrounds will look greenish where they are lit by the overhead lights instead of your flash.  The best is to use a D-SLR with a gel on the flash which makes it output fluorescent-friendly light, and set your camera’s white balance to fluorescent.

BUT… there’s one problem, because many of the stands have auxiliary “hot” incandescent lights with their orangey cast.  So you’ll get some photos that are hard to correct in a photo program because they have some green and some orange tints in different areas of the picture.  Not much you can do about this; I mostly chose shots where the lighting was consistent, and edited the h*ll out of the others.

Getting to Forum Vini:

  • First off, check out the timing of this event for next year (likely November) at the Forum Vini Website.
  • Don’t fret about the entry fee (which was €17 in 2009), it’s well worth it.  Arrive early and you can have hours and hours of wine tasting, all for the price of two cocktails in most Munich bars.
  • The M.O.C. is located near the Kieferngarten U6.  There is also parking, although I wouldn’t recommend you drive to a wine event.  I always take the subway so I can sample as many wines as I please.  Google Map of the MOC

Full album of photos: [salbumphotos=2,144,max,y,n]

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