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Haidhausen Weihnachtsmarkt

Christmas Markets in Germany are something special, where you can enjoy a mulled wine, a tasty dessert, and a bit of craft-oriented shopping. Here are a few shots from this year!

The famous Glühwein hut, where you can get a mini Feuerzangenbowle (flaming punch made with 80% rum):

Gluehwein Hut in Haidhausen

Beautiful glowing candles.

Candles at the Haidhausen Christmas Market

Delicious cakes, cookies, and desserts abound at the Christmas Markets!

Cakes and sweets

This water bowl from Grünhorn was particularly cool. The German word, Wasserspringschale, literally means jumping water bowl. By rubbing the handles you get a variety of tones, and the vibrations make the water move in some interesting ways!

Wasserspringschale - jumping water bowl

With a bit more effort, the water springs out of the bowl as if it were boiling madly, though it’s just room temperature.

Wasserspringschale in full action

If you’re looking for a cool decoration with endless relaxation and entertainment potential, check out a water spring bowl!

So far it’s a wonderful Christmas Market season. There are just a few days left, so for those in Germany who haven’t been to one yet, now is your chance!

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Vienna Christmas Markets

Here’s a quick update from Vienna (Wien, auf Deutsch)!

Go to the Christmas Markets if you’re here before the 24th of December. They are fantastic! Lots of great food, drink, and crafts (for those into that kind of thing). Here’s the view of the Rathaus (city hall) from the city’s main Weihnachtsmarkt / Christkindlmarkt, although there are many others as well.
Vienna Rathaus - Christmas Time

The Natural History Museum by Maria-Theresienplatz (where there is also a Christmas Market) is very cool. Though I warn you, it’s huge. If you follow the normal path you’ll pass halls full of minerals, meteorites, exhibits about the planet, dinosaurs, then up to Level 2 for… (I only had 10min left for this part after spending 2+h on Level 1) microorganisms, insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. There is a stuffed version of EVERY (former) LIVING THING in this museum. Vegetarians and taxidermy-haters, this is not for you. Finally, at the moment there’s a cool Darwin exhibit (very scientific, and not very creationist), and a small vivarium with fish and a few lizards.

Here’s my pick from Natural History (I only took a dozen photos). Jurassic Park will start its first location in Vienna, with the city’s collection of amber-ized bugs:
Spider in amber at the Natural History Museum in Vienna
Seriously, I think in the mid-1800’s they just got bored and decided to collect one of everything known to man. Rocks, fossils, taxidermied this and that… unbelievable how big this place is.

Lastly, if you need a REAL deep cleaning, better call ASS. Their website URL speaks for itself… doesn’t it? No, it’s not what you think. It stands for Anlagen Service System. This really is a mobile service for (I think) pressure washing and building cleaning.
ASS - Anlagen Service System

Restaurant pick: Asahi Restaurant (Japanese), Burggasse 18, 1070 Wien. 01/522 71 40. 48a St. Ulrichsplatz or U3 Volkstheater. Tasty sushi, and among the cheapest sushi I’ve found in Europe. Octopus salad for 5 euro was a bit chewy but otherwise good, and sushi / sashimi / maki combos for 8-12 euro are a steal.

If you want some tourist advice, I recommend the guidebook brand that my parents brought:

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