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Hot Snowboard Carving

Bernd Snowboard Carving

Alright, you’ve probably seen a few videos like my latest craziness from February. For March I decided to put up some D-SLR snowboard carving photos taken with the Nikon D90 and 70-300mm VR lens. For all those riding hardboots, check these out! Raceboards are one major step faster than freeride boards, and provide superior stability and grip to carve serious trenches in the snow at high speed.

Here Peter shows off some really amazing turns on his Oxess snowboard… first the frontside,

Peter Snowboard Frontside Carve Oxess

And now the backside turn (I swear it’s not a mirror image of the frontside photo!),

Peter Snowboard Backside Carve Oxess

I think my body doesn’t turn far enough to be able to kiss the snow on the backside… heh. Here are a few shots of the author; you can see I’m not as practiced as Peter (and I wasn’t as confident on the bumpy/slushy snow we had later in the day when Bernd took these shots of me).

Dave Snowboard Backside Carve Virus

My Virus Xtremecarver snowboard grips like mad. I think I just need to learn to ride it better. The frontside turn, as always, is easier than the backside:

Dave Snowboard Carving Frontside Virus

If any carvers out there have some advice how I can improve my technique, please do leave a comment here! I have a feeling my stance may need adjustment, and I need to turn my upper body more on the backside turns.

Lastly, here’s Bernd on his trusty (~15-year-old) F2 Speedster SL. I’m curious how he’d do on a Silberpfeil, one of the most known factory-standard carving boards.

Bernd Snowboard Frontside Carve F2

And the tricky backside turn:

Bernd Snowboard Backside Carve F2

Below you’ll find a whole album with many more photos from all three of us. Enjoy, and leave a comment if you have some helpful advice about technique! (I’m the second rider).


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11 Replies

  1. Carina Mar 24th 2010

    I don’t have any advice about carving, but I just wanna say that,I find some pictures, just awesome! :o)

  2. Thanks! I was really happy with them, given that it was not full sun.

  3. Read your thread @ FB. But great pics anyway!

  4. Thanks Bernd! Actually that reminds me I know two carving Bernds now. I may be at Hintertux Sun-Mon this weekend… :-) Glacier carving time!

  5. I have absolutely no helpful advice.

    Liked the pics though :)

  6. Hehe… well, someone left me great advice already on the Frozen Backside carving forum. I think that’ll help greatly :-)

    Glad you liked the pics!

  7. Hey saw your post thanks to twitter, cool that you post your blogposts on twitter

  8. Found this post through twitter, really like the new search feature allows you to find great posts like this one!

  9. Hehe, thanks Burton/Nitro. Signup w/ RSS to see the next snowboard posts!

  10. @Dave: when I watch the pics I have to learn a lot :-) But there’s hope when I see what the other Bernd does with a Speedster SL :-) I will be in Office this weekend, but if the weather stays like this perhaps I take a daily trip to Hintertux if you’re there on monday.

  11. Bernd, sounds good – I hope to be there Sun-Mon. Will send you a mail with my mobile in case you can come up Monday. Peti (the completely laid-over guy in the pics) will be there too and I hope to learn a lot! :-)

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