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Toytown Photo Walk – October

I met up with the Toytown photo club and walked around Munich in the dark for a few hours. Here are a few shots I managed without any tripod.

f2 Cafe

I was going for a different angle on this red-lit mannequin.


Shooting from the hip in the dark at f/2…

From the hip

Eisbach surfers! I played with the strobe effect of my Nikon D90’s built-in flash. Next time I’ll bring a tripod and my SB600, turn down the ISO, and pump up the flash. That should blow out the orange highlights from the d*mn sodium vapor lights. I am too lazy for flash gels and a white card, heh.

Eisbach Surfing - Strobe Effect

That’s all for today!

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2 Replies

  1. Servus!

    Got here from your TT link. :)

    The strobe effect is really interesting… I didn’t know about that.

    I think I should have tried to catch the flash going off of other people’s cameras to get something like a strobe effect.



  2. Thanks rzv! Now I’m curious if my external flash can be used on manual with strobe effect… would be easy to use it for others’ cameras that way with e.g. a 1s exposure. :-)

    I know that if it’s set low enough power like 1/16 or 1/8 you can pop it several times manually in quick succession, though the timing is only as even as your finger’s twitch response.

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