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Santa Missing after Accident

Due to the graphic nature of the following story and photos, it is recommended that children under the age of 12 are shielded from this information.

Reports indicate that Santa fell out of his sleigh during a Nov. 24th practice run for Christmas 2011. Recent photos taken from a passing 747 confirm this tragedy:

Santa in freefall

These are the last known images of Santa.
Last known images of Santa

Note that Santa’s beard appears to be a freefall hazard:
Santa's beard a freefall hazard

A final image (where Santa’s hat appears to be coming off) reveals that old Saint Nick may actually be bald.
News flash: Santa appears to be bald

At this time it is unknown if Santa was equipped with any emergency safety equipment, such as a jet pack or parachute. However, based on a prior skydiving trip in 2010 (file photo below), there is still hope that Santa will be found alive.

Santa in undated skydiving photo

Our thoughts go out to Mrs. Claus. At her request, donations to the Elves’ Fund can be made through Traveldave.com.

Photographs by Eric Babcock.

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5 Replies

  1. Hahahah, that Santa Rocks the skies! I bet he survived and had a weissbier in the end! 😀

  2. Carina Nov 25th 2011

    LooooooooooooL!!! I’ve got good news, Santa is alive, I saw him after that jump… seems he’s kind of embarrassed now that was revealed that he’s bald!!!! :oD… But nothing that a Glühwein won’t do :o). Santa rocks!!!

  3. Carina Nov 25th 2011

    Hehehe! My smiles are wrong… :)

  4. These photos were taken over Virginia… we can only hope that Santa finds his way back to the North Pole! It is known that he likes to drink… just look at that beer belly!

  5. That’s very funny, you had me going there for a while thinking it was a real tragedy at first. I think Santa was abducted by alien during his free falling and waking the next with 3 alien babe by his side leaving Mrs. Clause wondering what happen to her husband?

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