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Helmetcam Video: 140mph in a BMW M-Z3 Roadster

Here’s the latest test of the Canon HF200 helmet camera! We got almost to the M-Z3’s (electronically limited) top speed before reaching a slowdown area for a construction zone.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a link to watch the video in HD on YouTube.

By the way, for those who don’t know what “The Autobahn” is… it’s not a special, fancy racetrack in Germany. All highways here are Autobahns, and there are many sections with no speed limit. This video segment is completely legal! Yeah… come visit Germany and rent a car. Mu-hahaha!

The video was produced with Pinnacle Studio 12 (trial version), the only video editor I have yet to crash. I just might have to buy Pinnacle. Music: “Traffic Song” by Electric Bacon.

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4 Replies

  1. Nice vid!

    In a band?

  2. nice video. I demolished a 2009 BMW M5 last weekend. It was from 97 North of Annapolis exiting to Rt 32 west – a 2 lane exit ramp for forever. He was behind a slow car and I planted on his bumper, then he pulled out and hammered it from about 60 and I pulled out and reeled him in so fast he pulled over and the S just left him – all in 4-5th gear. Only about 120mph.. fun times. I am working for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Columbia MD since March this year as a research scientist. I will check out more of your site. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to review your book chapter. Did sell my house in Richmond and walked away with cash.

  3. Thanks! Nope, no band yet, but perhaps soon. Let’s see if I find one now that I have more free time.

  4. Hey Jason, I first read that and thought you wrecked an M5. :-) I would love to drive your car over here… would be awesome on the Autobahn! Glad that you found a job, and didn’t get too hosed on the house if you made it out with some money in your pocket. Research scientist sounds like a lot of fun!

    Any ideas for another car-related helmet cam video? I’m looking for something to do before the winter comes and I garage the car for 5 months…

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