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Oktoberfest Nights

What better time that Oktoberfest for a Guided Munich photo tour. I took some clients around the city on the first night of Oktoberfest 2011, and we were lucky enough to get this beautiful sunset.

Munich Sunset

A nice longer exposure shot:

Olympiapark Sunset

Then off for a few really long-exposure nighttime shots before a thunderstorm brought our evening to an end. Yeah, I was too lazy to perspective-correct these in Photoshop (hehe).

Car trails in Schwabing

I love the stationary car in front of the archway!

Cool trails + stationary car

So get out your tripods and let’s see some long-exposure car trails! (All photos here with a Nikon D7000 and 18-200mm VR lens)

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2 Replies

  1. Nice photos – must be the first time I’ve ever seen a photo collection from Oktoberfest without a picture of a beer hall full of drunken tourists or a bar maid carrying ten steins of bavaria’s finest

  2. Thanks! Yeah I was just doing a tour with some photo clients, we didn’t go into the fest, but it happened to be during the 2w of the fest.