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Dutch Raceboarding Team

In December, a lot of racing teams head to the glaciers to get in extra practice before the snow starts falling at lower altitudes. I met some lovely raceboarder women at Hintertux, who (if I remember right) were from a Dutch snowboarding team. Here’s the best footage:

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Watch the video in HD on YouTube.

This was my second attempt at getting on-slope footage; the camera is now top-mounted to avoid neck strain from side-mounting. You can probably guess I was playing with the camera settings and stabilizing software. From this footage I learned that I need a faster shutter, at least 1/250 but more likely 1/500.

The combo of AviSynth, VirtualDub, and Deshaker to process the raw video is fantastic for the moving-camera scenes! I’m still loving the Canon HF200. You can read more about that in my previous helmetcam post.

The next videos I post will be even better, as I’ve added a ring sight to the camera rig now. However, I only have a minute or so of useable footage so far. Any raceboarders out there who want to volunteer as a film subject?

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5 Replies

  1. Looks good dave !

    I must admit I am more of a fan of when the boarding subject is skiing towards you, but maybe it’s that stabilising software that causes it to zoom in and out a bit.
    .-= paul savage´s last blog ..The world outside my window =-.

  2. Hey Paul,

    Yeah I would like footage of that angle as well, and plan to do some shots from below where I’m stationary. The problem is I can’t easily get those shots while moving, because I can’t look backwards at a person as I board… I would certainly crash.

    I’m thinking about mounting the camera backwards on my helmet, looking forward, and having someone follow me while they carve. But then the shot wouldn’t be as tight, and wouldn’t follow the person’s movements.

  3. Colin de Silva Feb 10th 2010

    Hi Dave,

    Great footage. I so something similar (search “Board Horde” on youtube, user slayzzzz), although it’s not as polished as yours.

    Can you share your deshaker settings? Also you mentioned in another post, that you have ‘sight’ installed on your rig? Can you share your thoughts on that too?

    One thing I found: if you follow the boarder, but ‘180 degrees out of phase’ when considering their S-shaped path, the apparent speed as you cross is twice normal, making for more dynamic footage.

    Another thing I found – I got my girlfriend to make a ‘camera protector’ glove, to both keep my hand warm, and keep the snow off the camera. It basically wraps around both the camera and my hand, using velcro. I found it has the nice side effect of stabilising the camera as well, as its more tightly moulded to your arm. With large barrel cameras like my Sony HDC-HC1, there is unavoidable camera shake however tightly you have the straps, due to vibration picked up by the snowboard from the piste.


  4. Hi Colin, thanks, I’m glad you like the footage! The next vid I post (today) is even better. I’ll email you the deshaker settings files.

    That’s a great tip about the 180-degrees thing! I’ll have to try it. I think some of my clips have a bit of that by coincidence, as I was trying to avoid clouds of powder spray this past weekend ;-).

    My camera is helmet-mounted on top of a helmet with a chin cup. Make sure to use a high shutter speed (1/500 or more) on the video camera to avoid motion blur. I think the “rolling shutter” feature on the deshaker settings helps a lot too.

  5. Colin de Silva Dec 8th 2010


    Snow season is upon us again! Time to try some new stuff on the video front. :-) Could you please send me your deshaker settings again, I seem to have lost them after I got a new computer..


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