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Porch Breakfast Season

It’s that time of year again, when those of us in the northern hemisphere can enjoy breakfast and a latte macchiato on the porch! I’ve also included a few tips on how to make the finest latte macchiato ever.


Blair’s Death Sauce is fantastic on eggs. This one is the tasty Pure Death, but I recommend Salsa de la Muerte – in my opinion, it is Blair’s best mix of flavor and heat!

Latte macchiato tricks I’ve learned:

  • Get a Bodum coffee French press. Pour in hot milk and froth it by pumping the coffee screen up and down for 30 seconds. [insert dirty joke here.] This foam will be very strong and float as its own layer for a long time (>30 minutes… however long it takes you to drink the coffee). Pour the milk/foam into the glass now.
  • If you want a separate layer of coffee and milk for presentation (or to take good photos), pour the coffee (in this case a double espresso shot) slowly through the foam using something with a spout, like a mini restaurant milk pitcher. If you use a normal cup, coffee will spill all down the side unless you pour fast – which would destroy the layer effect.
  • Sprinkle some sugar or cacao powder over the top of the foam. Use a cocktail spoon that has a straw-tube as its handle, so you can stir with the spoon end and drink your coffee through the straw.

Eventually I plan to do a photo shoot of a latte macchiato in the making. However I’m still waiting to get my second flash (a Vivitar) back after repair. At the moment I do NOT recommend that you ever buy any Vivitar product! Their customer service is basically non-existent. The people in India answering the phone are unhelpful, and the local US division (where I sent the flash) has yet to acknowledge receipt (though I have a tracking confirmation they did). Probably I wasted $125 on that flash. /end mini-rant

So… assignment time, let’s see those latte macchiato photos? Alex and Walt, I’m looking to you guys… hehe.

p.s. a nice German expression: “Kaufst du billig, kaufst du teuer.” This means, if you buy cheap, you are really buying expensive. In the end you’ll throw out the cheapie product and buy the high-quality item, spending even more than if you’d bought the expensive one to start with.

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4 Replies

  1. I drink my coffee bad and black, but I do appreciate hot hot sauce. And the breakfast is mouth watering…
    .-= W.Z. Snyder´s last blog ..snYder coMics #8 =-.

  2. W.Z., you’ve got to get some Blair’s at extremefood.com. I’ll warn you that anything hotter than “pure death” (pictured here) is REALLY hot, and I think those hotter ones usually contain pepper extract. “salsa de la muerte” is my favorite flavor by far! (one level below pure death).

  3. Thanks for your Latte Machiato tips, especially for the 30 minutes foam.

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