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Homemade Sushi

I love eating raw food. Usually it just tastes better to me, and has a great texture compared to most things cooked. And in today’s markets, it’s relatively safe for healthy adults to eat several kinds of meat & fish raw. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, and I take no responsibility if eating raw food makes you sick).

Below is some of my homemade sushi from a few days ago. I always buy the fish in a high-end market, and ask the fishmonger what he recommends for sushi. Often they say “Nothing today, come back on xxxx” – and I definitely respect that. Usually they have tuna and salmon; on the right days sometimes another one or two. You can also find frozen sushi (such as pre-cooked Unagi, or eel) in some Asian shops.

Homemade tuna and salmon sushi - Maguro, Sake

Of course to get this nice blur, I used my 35mm f/2. ISO was cranked up to 800 to avoid using a flash, and I white-balanced on an empty plate before shooting.

Homemade sushi - Eel (Unagi) on the right

Despite that I once ate raw chicken in Kyoto, I don’t recommend that for everyone. Nor would I ever recommend eating raw pork, because the consequences are too dire. But I’ve never been sick from raw beef or fish. Of course I only consume these in countries where I trust the food processing chain.

So, if you live in a well-developed country, check out the best fish market you can find in town – maybe you, too, can make your own sushi for a fraction of the restaurant price!

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2 Replies

  1. I am dying to taste sushi as I keep hearing about it where ever i go on the net. No chance of getting it here in Turkey though, and I don’t trust my own cooking. I want my first experience of sushi to be the best. Guess I will just have to wait.
    .-= Natalie – Turkish Travel Blog´s last blog ..Turkish Night Tacky Or Tasteful =-.

  2. Hi Natalie, is there not much sushi in Turkey? Most places that have it will use fish that was originally flash frozen, so you can get okay sushi in a lot of inland areas now. Of course by the coast in sushi-loving areas you get really fresh stuff – Japan, California, etc. :-)