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Best Omelette Ever

For such a tasty dish I must use the French spelling! Now this is some pretty food…

Omelette and cafe latte

Omelette Ingredients:

  • Homemade whiskey/chili oil, red pepper, shallots, garlic – sautéed with some basil, oregano, and salt
  • 2 eggs and a splash of milk, beaten and poured into the sautéed vegetables
  • 2-year aged Cabot cheddar and a bit of smoked Black Forest ham folded in the middle

There’s nothing better, the day after spending 8 hours on the ski slopes, than waking up and eating a serious breakfast.

Omelette and cafe latte

Random omelette tips:

  • I use a non-stick pan from Ikea. 1 tsp oil or butter should be enough to keep the mixture from sticking.
  • Use a low heat on the stove; otherwise you have a problem in the initial stage before folding. The bottom will burn before the top is cooked all the way through.
  • Tilt the pan occasionally before folding (2-3 times). Roll the liquidy part around to keep it evenly distributed.
  • I put some ingredients in with the egg as the omelette cooks, and then add a few more things just before folding. Then it doesn’t get too fat to fold, as happens when you try to stuff a cup of meat, veg, and cheese in the middle.

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5 Replies

  1. Learned about your stuff on W.M Morrell’s blog.
    Very cool blog. Will make it a point to stop in again.
    Got to go find something to ear…
    .-= W.Z. Snyder´s last blog ..Curmodgeonly Behavior =-.

  2. Thanks, Snyder! I will have to check out your stuff… I’ve seen you ’round at Wendy’s blog as well :-)

  3. It appears you have met W.Z.Snyder. He’s a great guy. You’ll find his blog most entertaining – indeed!

    Anyway, back to your blog… that’s why I’m here after all!
    Well, aren’t you a talented one. That omelet looks simply delicious.

    Looking forward to the frozen beard :)
    .-= Wendy´s last blog ..And the following awards go to …? =-.

  4. Hey Wendy, thanks! I like to cook. The frozen beard, I must say, it looks more painful that it actually was… the hair helps to insulate against the cold… ;-P

  5. Great theme. I’ve changed dashes to solid lines — not a major change, but one I like and was able to do. The number of options is astounding, and I plan to use this for courses

    –Ed: I love spam comments sometimes. who cares about the theme and whether it has dashes or solid lines!?