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Cats in Heat

Haven’t you always wanted to know how hot a cat is? A friend of mine who’s a home inspector has finally answered that question. And the camera he used to do it is such a cool piece of photographic technology that I have to share it!

Note the cat’s very cold nose (of course!) and hot eyes & ears.

thermal cat 2_sm

Eric uses the thermal camera to locate problem areas in a house under contract (or during “energy audits” to help save on energy bills). Some of this stuff is completely intuitive, but I’d still never think of it myself. Here’s an area of missing insulation (summer heat leaking into an air-conditioned house):

missing insulation 16_sm

And there’s obviously some dangerous electrical fault here at the hot breaker:

thermal electric inspections 4_sm

I really want to get one of these cameras. Unfortunately they’re damn expensive: the Fluke Ti10 costs over $4,000! Here it is, in all its glory:


Now a final shot, showing the thermal cam in use. Note the temperature scale on the side.


It’s unlikely that any of my readers will buy a house in Richmond, VA. But if you do, look up Eric Babcock at Home Inspex, and let him know that I sent you his way. He’s an old friend, and a really thorough home inspector.

Wherever you may buy a house, ask about thermal imaging. The extra $ it may cost is nothing compared to the price tag for fixing one of the home problems that it can find in just a few seconds. I love technology!

Here are some more gratuitous thermal pics of random stuff…


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4 Replies

  1. ediFanoB Feb 3rd 2010

    If you sell enough copies of Demon’s Bane then you can afford a Fluke Ti10 😉

    The picture of the cat is very interesting because we have two cats at home.

  2. Haha, perhaps, but I’m not quite there yet with the amount of books sold 😉

    Now you know just HOW cold your cats’ noses can be!

  3. Wendy Feb 3rd 2010

    I want one! What a cool gadget…no pun intended …. :)

    I have to agree with ediFanoB – If you sell enough copies of Demon’s Bane, you can buy your own!

  4. I just wish Eric lived in Munich so that I could check out my apartment with that thing. I don’t even turn my heat on in the winter – it’s warm enough being heated through the walls by my neighbors (and by my PCs–hehe).

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