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Can there be TOO much snow?

Ask anyone in the Eastern US, and they will say YES. But that’s only because I’ve moved away; I would never vote for “too much.” How can a skier/snowboarder have too much snow? Here’s a house I lived in near Lake Tahoe for a couple months when I worked at Northstar-at-Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe House

The garage opening is about 8 feet, so you can see the (hard-packed) snow is at least that high. The altitude (around 6,500’, over 2000m) and the weather meant over a foot of snow a week (30cm) while I lived there.

A short story about one of the women living in the house: she had a bit of a problem with cars. This all occurred in a period of 6-8 weeks.

#1 First, she totaled her nice Mazda MX-3 by backing quickly out of the driveway without putting a warning “STOP” sign in the road. You couldn’t go slowly because the car would slide on the icy driveway. She slid into a Volvo, if I remember. Good night, sweet MX-3.

#2 Next, there was a… Ford Taurus?… an old clunker donated by a family member. That lasted about 2 weeks before she drove it into a curb and completely messed up the suspension.

#3 Finally, there was her boyfriend’s brand-new, shiny red Jeep Cherokee. One day when my buddy and I were at work, she parked the borrowed Jeep in MY parking space: outside, just to the left of the garage (hidden by the 14 foot mound of snow by the curb). It would’ve been too much trouble to fit that big Jeep into her garage space. That was lucky for me: you see, the hard-packed, frozen snow (piled up by front-end-loader for the whole winter) gave way that day. There was a little avalanche of ice boulders that crushed the Jeep’s hood and smashed the windshield. I’m glad the Jeep was there instead of my little Integra GS-R!

Okay, I’m reconsidering. Perhaps it’s possible to have too much snow. But then you just have to transport that white gold up to the ski hill where it belongs! If the snowless Vancouver Olympics had taken place that year, I could certainly have upped the ante Stephen Colbert-style and mailed a lot of snow to warm, sunny Canada. Heh…

What was your most snowy experience? Share with a comment…

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