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The mysterious Bavarian Wolpertinger

Legend says these hybrid fairy-tale animals live in the Bavarian forests. As they’re quite attracted to pretty women, the best way to catch one is to have a lovely lass search for one at night in a forest clearing. When a Wolpertinger shows itself, the Fraulein should bare her breasts, which will leave it stunned and easy to capture.

Here are a few Wolpertinger on display in Munich:

Wolpertinger in Munich

If you’re not bothered by stuffed things, check out the Wolpertinger and other (non-fictional) animals at the Munich Hunting and Fishing Museum on your next visit. It’s right downtown between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. For more information on some cool and non-touristy things to do in Munich, check out my guest post on Trekhound!

About the Wolpertinger

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