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The Imster Achterbahn

Probably only a few people will know what an Alpine Coaster is. I didn’t until coworkers took me there by chance one weekend. Picture a giant roller coaster going straight down a mountain. Add cows, and a couple of nets in case you fly off. Take away most of the safety and security you take for granted on a Busch Gardens or Six Flags ride. Finally, add a 1h hike (or a ride up the chairlift) to get to the top… voila, you have an Alpine Coaster!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a link to watch the video in HD on YouTube.

This was shot on a Canon HF200 attached to a helmet. Yep, I’m aware the video is a bit jerky. The coaster is a LOT jerky. And optical stabilization is not enough. As yet, I haven’t bought a video editing software which will combine the miraculous abilities of a) digital vibration reduction and b) NOT CRASHING. Let’s see what I can find in the next month.

Here are some photos on the way to Imst and while hiking up the mountain. I love that about Europe: where else can you see cows grazing on the ski slopes in the summer?  And standing in the middle of windy mountain roads…

We took a wrong turn on the way to Imst, and found this beast in the road...

We took a wrong turn on the way to Imst, and found this beast in the road...

Is that a beginner or intermediate ski slope in winter?  Guess it depends if the cows are still there.

Is that a beginner or intermediate ski slope in winter? Guess it depends if the cows are still there.

Don’t miss this gratuitous photo of Bunky being nuzzled by a young cow. Daaaamn, that’s hot… if you’re a bovine.

Now there's affection for you.

Now there's affection for you.

Getting to the Imster Achterbahn:

  • Address for your navigation system: Hoch Imst 19, Imst, Austria.  Google maps link here. If you go in late 2009, a word of warning: Imst has some construction downtown, and we had to go around it to get there (a different exit from the main road).
  • I recommend checking the opening times first, as they often have weekend-only operation at the beginning or end of the season.  (In German: opening times = Öffnungszeiten).
  • Prices in 2009: 6.70 to go up the chairlift, 5.90 to come down the coaster (less expensive for kids/seniors, or big groups).

Official website: http://www.imster-bergbahnen.at/index.php?id=6&L=3

Enjoy the coaster, and post your experiences here!  Coming up soon, hiking up the Zugspitze… including scaling the side of a cliff!  Subscribe with the orange RSS and Email links on the left to read about it.  Dave out.

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10 Replies

  1. Looks pretty cool. What do you reckon was the top speed going down there ? I take it there is a hand or emergency brake on the side of the thing ?

  2. Hey Paul, I guess top speed is like 30km/h? Yep there is a brake handle, actually you have to brake for yourself going into the turns, otherwise it really feels unsafe like the car might fly off. Wild!

  3. Hi Dave,

    no vertical loops in the rollercoaster? :o)
    I’ve placed a trackback on my blog:


    Thanks for sharing the video


  4. Hi Frederik, many thanks!

    We have to wait for them to build a coaster on Zugspitze, which may have loops (j/k… I wish!).

    I like your pic of Jubiläumsgrat (wow!), though I can’t read much… German and English (with a tiny bit o’ French) are my limits :-)

  5. How do they get the cars to the top of the track? Does someone take them up the chairlift?

  6. Hi Tim, good question… yep, as I remember they go up the chairlift by some special attachment. Didn’t see many because it was deserted that day.

    We were lucky in that it was empty: no grandmas going down the track just in front of us. Although there were some drops of rain, as the spots on my lens attest.

  7. Patz + Sabi Jul 30th 2010

    Hi Dave!

    We two are cashiers at the Alpine Coaster and we were very happy when we read your blog. We hope you enjoyed the ride and maybe you will visit us again?
    Some information: It is impossible that the cars fly off the track and the speed is up to 40 km/h. The cars come to the beginning of the track by a separate lift.

    Best wishes to you, Sabi and Patz

  8. Hi Patz + Sabi, great to hear from some actual Imster! I’m sure that at some point I’ll visit the Achterbahn again when I have guests here :-)

    Interesting to know about the speeds… so I don’t *really* have to brake the car when going down? 😉

  9. They should have a mechanism to limit speed, for safety reasons. I saw a program where they disabled it, on a slightly different type of Achterbahn, one with railings. Then they reached 70km/h without the safety break.
    .-= paul´s last blog ..Dogs Snowboarding =-.

  10. Paul, have you tried this Achterbahn? It’s all mechanical in your own personal car. But I feel much better with the employees’ comments above :-)

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