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Forum Vini 2010

By: David Douglas

For longtime readers, you might remember last year’s Forum Vini article. I went back this year for my fourth Forum Vini dose of fine food, wine, and spirits! This year I experimented with only natural light: no flash, and all photos are using my Nikon 35mm f/2 lens + Nikon D90. I often white-balanced on an index card before each shot.

Delicious Goufrais chocolates… amazingly cool on the tongue. True fine chocolate truffles.


Once again, Enoteca Palmieri was in full force with some great wines (more photos below in the full album). Check out the shop at Augsburgerstr. 25 in Dachau. Palmieri had the largest bottle of wine that I saw at Forum Vini!


Palmieri also had something else special: grappa infused with olives! This is a really unique, delicious spirit. And that’s coming from someone with a big (and varied) liquor cabinet.


Delicious oil, vinegar, and sherries from Aecovi Jerez:


Once again I stopped by Dr. Schätzl of Moosburg to check out this year’s display. Here’s a stunning array of different exotic oil: pumpkin seed, poppy seed, walnut, and more…


And a list of other exhibitors who are shown below in the gallery:

Thanks to those at the stands who allowed me permission to photograph them or their products. I had a great time, and (I think) found some great photographic opportunities!

Full album of photos: [salbumphotos=9,144,max,y,n]

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3 Replies

  1. would the index card white balance technique help if you shoot raw?
    .-= greg urbano´s last blog ..Hiking Honeymoon Island State Park =-.

  2. Hi Greg, when you shoot raw, the camera should store the white balance information even though it doesn’t apply it to the raw data. Then when you “develop” in Adobe or with your camera’s software, you should be able to use this WB info, *as shot* so you may save yourself some time compared to messing with the software’s sliders or pickboxes. Of course with raw you retain more flexibility than in jpg, where the camera applies the WB to the data already.

    Generally I use JPG (yeah I know, I should probably shoot raw, but then it’s so much more effort per shot). If I was selling these shots or had some pro gigs, I would probably switch over to raw.

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